September 24, 2023

IBM Reveals Quantum Advantage Roadmap

Recently, IBM, an American technological firm, discussed with its partner, JSR, how it uses quantum computing to solve real-life problems. According to IBM, a blend of quantum and traditional computers will help to define the future of computing. 

Where Can Quantum Computing Be Used?

From their discussion, there are about four areas where quantum computing can make a significant impact. They include intricate data structures and mathematical models, simulating nature, complex problems, and population analysis. 

Nature is so complicated, with so many interrelated components, that precise weather prediction is nearly impossible.

However, quantum computing can process enormous volumes of data quickly, functioning at a level of synchronization that ordinary computers cannot match, and has the potential to fill in data gaps without affecting the outcome.

Indeed, this technology will be helpful in determining the best strategies for dealing with complicated challenges like climate change and forecasting when weather calamities are likely to occur.

Another application is intricate data structures and mathematical models. Quantum computers will have an advantage here due to their high accuracy and speed. This is because this application is tied mainly to machine learning. 

Additionally, the tech firm added another category called ‘other.’ This category represents complex issues where quantum computers can function as accelerators to solve complex problems. 

In terms of population sampling and analysis, quantum computers can also be beneficial. This is because they can analyze much bigger samples quickly, potentially boosting accuracy and speed.

Commercial Enterprise Is IBM’s Main Focus For Quantum Computing 

The major focus of IBM in quantum computing is commercial usage. The company identified several markets where one can use quantum computing. 

The markets include automotive, aerospace, financial services, risk management, market simulation, and portfolio optimization. Quantum computers can also be used to combat money laundering and fraud.

Meanwhile, JSR uses quantum computing to improve photolithography. This technology is used to pattern the substrate used for sensors, microfluidics, and modern electronics. 

These initiatives, when used properly, could help in the identification of cures and medicines for diseases. It would also provide new power sources and materials to expand ocean and space exploration. 

IBM believes that when the world attains quantum advantage, it will transform all sectors, from travel to medical research. It would also create a foundation for the new digital world.

Furthermore, three characteristics distinguish IBM as a firm. It has the top enterprise AI platform in Watson. It also offers a reliable, secure cloud service and an initiative to develop workable quantum computing systems.

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