April 14, 2024

FIFA To Launch Blockchain-based Platform, FIFA+ Collect

FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association), the biggest international football governing body, has unveiled a new platform, ‘FIFA+ Collect.’ This is the association’s first blockchain platform.

FIFA To Launch FIFA+ Collection In September 

As per FIFA’s announcement, the blockchain-powered platform will be a new experience for fans worldwide. They would be able to collect and own FIFA World Cup moments for male and female tournaments.

FIFA’s latest service will be introduced later this September. Fans will be able to have digital collectibles which represent popular in-game moments at the World Cup.

Meanwhile, FIFA will launch the FIFA+ Collect on the Algorand blockchain. In May, FIFA selected the platform to be its official blockchain network.

According to FIFA, Algorand can process transactions much faster than most blockchain networks at little cost. Moreover, over 2000 international organizations, DeFi applications, and governments have used Algorand for their operations. 

This news comes from the football association, which looks for ways to enhance fan engagement and interaction. Romy Gai, the Chief Business Officer for FIFA, said fandom is changing drastically.

Hence, football fans want more exciting and exciting ways to enjoy the game of football. Gai said this new platform would allow fans globally to own a piece of the World Cup.

Also, these FIFA collectibles would allow fans to engage with star players, moments, and events on a new level. He added that it would be like sports stickers and memorabilia.

FIFA To Enhance Fans Engagement Using Blockchain Tech

Additionally, the blockchain platform will be on FIFA+. FIFA+ is a virtual platform that connects football fans across the world. Once FIFA launches the platform, different digital collections will be available for users. 

Also, the association plans to add more limited-edition collections in the future. This would include likely future FIFA events.

Furthermore, the latest platform would support languages such as Spanish, French, and English. FIFA plans to add more languages in the coming months. Fans would be able to access the platform on mobile and Web devices. 

Meanwhile, Football is among the most famous sports globally, with fans from across the world. FIFA’s integration of blockchain tech would drive mainstream adoption of NFTs and crypto.

More people would know more about digital assets at the upcoming FIFA World Cup. W. Sean Ford, Algorand’s interim CEO, reacted to the news by saying:

“FIFA has committed itself to bridge the gap between football and Web3 by using Algorand blockchain. This shows the association is innovative and wants to engage with soccer fans seamlessly.”

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