April 14, 2024

Near Protocol Shifts to Blockchain Operating System (BOS) for User-Centric Web 3 Experiences

The Near Protocol has announced that it will shift its ecosystem into what the company representatives call a “Blockchain Operating System” (BOS). The company wants to build user-centric experiences in Web 3 that complement users’ wants.

The firm has announced changes to its website and explained in detail how the BOS works. The company had already announced plans to make this shift in 2022 as one of its milestones to become an industry-first.

The Near Blockchain Operating System

The protocol details the BOS as an open layer in the blockchain that will allow users to browse and discover open experiences compatible with the blockchain. In addition, with this new system from the Near Protocol, users will gain access to a suite of programs from the company that will allow users to create and manage digital assets such as NFTs.

The platform will also allow smart contract implementation alongside developer tools. However, the BOS will first operate as a product so developers can build and participate in the same space. The Near Protocol hopes this will bridge the divergences between Web 2 and Web 3.

According to a co-founder of the Near Protocol, the company’s new system will work as a framework compatible with Web 2 and Web 3, alongside any wallet. In addition, he says that the company is looking forward to bringing wallets from one chain to interact with others via a seamless bridge.

This feature is very powerful for Web 3 developers because they leverage composable and decentralized frontends. Moreover, it will quickly open up opportunities to build and deploy apps.

All Are Welcome to The Platform

The company notes that all crypto players, such as Dapps, social networks, NFT galleries, and projects, are welcome to participate and build on the network, which Near hopes will provide a communal foundation for all compatible blockchains which are interested.

The company hopes to create a cohesive system that can create an open blockchain ecosystem for users and developers around the globe. In addition, it hopes to unify infrastructure efforts to give creators the space to be innovative and build the best platform they can.

According to the co-founder, the company plans to shift the system to bridge the growing gap between crypto enthusiasts and users of the technology, making it more accessible to everyone on the open web.

These plans align with Near Protocol’s vision of building a more user-centric Web 3 ecosystem that is inclusive and accessible. Additionally, by creating a blockchain operating system compatible with Web 2 and Web 3 technologies, the company hopes to create a seamless experience for users and developers alike.

About Near Protocol

Near Protocol is a blockchain company that has built a layer one protocol to create a highly scalable communal cloud computing system. In addition, the company utilizes an efficient proof of stake mechanism called “Nightshade,” which requires less power to run, making it more environmentally friendly than traditional proof of work systems.

Additionally, the near protocol’s platform allows for developing Web 3 apps, which can be built by entrepreneurial and developer communities. The blockchain was built by Alexandar Skidanov and Illia Polosukhin and was originally meant to be a machine learning ecosystem but evolved into what it was now in 2020.

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