September 24, 2023

Cloudflare Unveils Zero Trust SIM For Device Data Security

Cloudflare Inc, a security, reliability, and performance company, has unveiled its latest technology, the Zero Trust SIM. This technology helps to secure the data leaving any mobile device.

The Zero Trust SIM Offers Data Security 

Cloudflare’s Zero Trust SIM has huge potential for organizations. They can easily connect the devices of their workers to Cloudflare’s network. 

Cloudflare will integrate these devices with its Zero Trust platform. This integration will help protect the organization and employee networks, irrespective of location.

In addition, Cloudflare is launching the Zero Trust initiative for Mobile Operators. This technology is a wireless carrier program that allows mobile operators to offer subscribers mobile security using Cloudflare’s platform. 

Matthew Prince, Cloudflare’s CEO and co-founder said that securing the data in mobile devices is among the biggest issues faced by Mobile Operators. Prince said Cloudflare recognized this problem and decided to work on a solution. 

In 2019, the company launched its WARP mobile app to secure mobile devices. However, its latest invention, the Zero Trust SIM, is taking device security a step further.

According to the CEO, the latest invention offers a full package to help customers secure their devices. It would secure all data leaving their devices to other devices.

Currently, more organizations have embraced remote working, which allows employees to use their devices for work purposes. As a result, it is now harder for firms to ensure their employee’s devices are secured.

Meanwhile, several firms adopt a secure application or agent to help with data security. However, these agents and applications cannot secure traffic across several devices.

Zero Trust SIM Compatible With iOS And Android Devices 

The CEO said Cloudflare is here to fill the gap and has developed the Zero Trust SIM. This is the firm’s first zero trust initiative that helps to secure the mobile devices of customers at the SIM level.

Furthermore, the solution also protects all packets of data on these devices. The Trust SIM will connect with Cloudflare’s Zero Trust stack.

This integration will provide security for all data leaving the devices linked to its system. Also, the Zero Trust SIM will come as an eSIM which will make it available for both Android and iOS devices. 

The eSIM can be locked to a particular device. This means that it will not work on another device. This option will help to eliminate the risk of hackers or suspicious individuals swapping the eSIM.

Since all data leaving a device goes through the SIM, the eSIM makes it easier for Cloudflare to secure them. Companies can deploy this technology for their employees on a large scale. 

It is worth saying that this technology can also be integrated with Cloudflare WARP. That means companies can choose to integrate the Zero Trust SIM with WARP (Cloudflare’s own mobile agent) or use it alone.

Also, the technology has great potential for IoT devices, which are quickly gaining prominence. Cloudflare is working on new tools that would allow it to provide full security for IoT deuces like vehicles, payment terminals, and vending machines. 

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