September 24, 2023

Spain’s Zara Introduces Y2K Phygital Collection In The Metaverse

The Spanish clothing giant Zara has launched a phygital collection, the Y2K Creatures. This new collection, which is a physical and digital collection, marks the company’s latest metaverse venture.

Zara’s Phygital Collection

The new collection houses ten garments, including three sweaters, a sweater, two skirts, a heart-shaped top, a turquoise flare pant with feathers, and a strapless dress.

Additionally, there is a collection of accessories such as a choker, a pair of boots, a bag, and a pair of earrings. This is not the end of the company’s digital products.

The company’s announcement added that a metaverse platform, Zepeto houses unique digital accessories like different hairstyles, a photo booth, and four nail styles. These accessories aim to allow users to beautify their avatars.

“This style of production emphasizes the reality that the physical and digital realms are now even more interwoven and support one other,” Zara stated.

In addition to this new collection, Zara will open a Snapchat channel to host premium content. They include two try-on filters and four lenses, both inspired by the new phygital collection. 

The Y2K Creatures collection can be found on Zara’s website and within Zepeto’s App. This is the company’s third metaverse project after it launched a first and second collection with Ader Error and Lime Glam.

Fashion Brands Venture Into The Metaverse 

Last December, the fashion company introduced its first digital fashion collection on Zepeto’s metaverse platform. At that time, the fashion company partnered with Ader Error to unveil the AZ Collection.

This collection was inspired by the lifestyle of various people in the virtual and physical world. Apart from Zepeto’s metaverse, the collection was available at some brand stores.

The South Korean-based metaverse platform introduced ZepetoX, a variant of its metaverse, on Solana in August. The firm provides its users with additional monetization and gamification features through this new platform. 

This would allow them to generate revenue from their virtual products. Naver Z, the firm behind the Zepeto metaverse, asserts that ZepetoX is the entry point to the universe of blockchain technology. This would expose Zepeto’s customers worldwide to the possibilities offered by Web3 and crypto.

Apart from Zara, other well-known names in the fashion industry, such as Gucci and Nike, have also contributed to the Zepeto metaverse. They have released clothes and digital memorabilia for users to purchase. 

Fashion manufacturers are forced to develop novel approaches to the distribution of their wares. This is due to technological developments and the shifting purchasing patterns of younger customers. 

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