September 24, 2023

Verizon Introduces First 5G Handheld Gaming Device 

Verizon, a telecom company in the US, is capitalizing on the huge demand for sports streaming and mobile gaming. Hence, the company has launched several 5G-supported products to engage users. 

Verizon Unveils 5G-enabled Handheld Gaming Device 

At Wednesday’s Mobile World Congress in Las Vegas, the company’s executives unveiled the first 5G handheld gaming device in the world and an FWA (fixed-wireless access) router.

Also, the company stated that it had struck q streaming agreement with the NFL (National Football League). Razer, the PC peripherals manufacturer, produced the handheld gaming device, Razer Edge 5G, in collaboration with Qualcomm.

This device runs on an Android OS (operating system). Moreover, it is the first of its kind to integrate the Snapdragon G3x Gen 1 produced by Qualcomm. 

Furthermore, this Snapdragon chip is Qualcomm’s first processor dedicated to gaming devices. The company unveiled this product last year in Razer’s handled gaming prototype.

The Razer Edge 5G allows users to play and download Android games. It also allows them to stream games using the cloud or the console. 

However, Verizon did not provide a full specification, picture, or price of the device. According to the company, it will launch the new gaming device at the RazerCon program on October 15th.

Mobile device specifications have gotten to the stage where programmers can provide on-the-go gamers with the type of in-depth sensations that were previously reserved for at-home gaming on PCs and consoles.

According to a survey released in May by IDC and Data.AI, consumer expenditure on gaming will reach $222 billion in 2022. Mobile gaming would account for over $136 billion of this estimate.

Verizon Launches Upgraded 5G FWA Router

Furthermore, Verizon struck a deal with the NFL. This will allow the company to bring streaming of NFL games and events to its platform, +play.

+play is intended to serve as a central storage location for users’ multiple streaming services. The telecom firms introduced this platform earlier in March. However, it has not been launched commercially.

Verizon has signed deals with various firms to bring streaming services to the +play platform. Some of them include HBO Max, Disney+, and Netflix. When the platform is launched, users can access and enjoy the in-house streaming of NFL, dubbed NFL+.

This means users can stream live gaming and also on-demand content. The appeal of live sports has long been proven, which is unlikely to alter very soon. 

According to Verified Market Research, the digital sports streaming industry will be worth over $87.3 billion in 2038. As of 2021, the industry was worth only $18.1 billion.

Another product that Verizon showcased at the event is an enhanced version of its Receiver FWA hub. This new device is an upgraded version of its previous FWA hub and promises to offer more features.

This router offers 5G on C-band and mmWave. This is in addition to the 4G connectivity it offers. The latest device promises to provide a 100 percent faster uploading speed. 

One other new feature that stands out with the new FWA device is that it is water-resistant. Therefore, users can place them outside without fear of them being damaged.

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