September 24, 2023

Snap Inc To Use Google Cloud’s AI Tech To Grow Snapchat

Today, Google Cloud has expanded its existing collaboration with Snap Inc. As per the new partnership, Snap will use Google’s AI/ML technologies and data analytics to develop its social platform, Snapchat. 

Google Cloud And Snap Inc Expands Partnership Deal 

Meanwhile, Snap and Google have been partners for over ten years. Snap plans to make even more extensive use of Google Cloud. This will help improve the overall user experience and provide more individualized solutions. 

Saral Jain, Snap Inc’s Senior Director of Engineering, said the organization is happy to double down on its deal with Google Cloud. 

“With this collaboration, we can provide the highest level of flexibility and scalability in the industry. Consequently, this will enable us to provide our worldwide consumer base with novel experiences and the most cutting-edge technologies,” Jain added.

Snap, using a multi-cloud approach, shows how an organization can employ public clouds to promote cost-effectiveness and enhance innovation. Snap has been able to service the firm’s global society of 347 million active users.

This is due to its essential characteristics, including its vast size and lightning-fast operation. Snap is significantly increasing its utilization of the data cloud services and AI/ML tech offered by Google Cloud. 

Furthermore, these technologies will provide Snap with the capacity to acquire, measure, and produce information about the ecosystem, B2B partner network, and community. 

Google Cloud To Support Snap’s Expansion Plans

Meanwhile, the AI/ML service Vertex AI offered by Google Cloud allows Snap to concentrate on its primary business operations. Snapchat is a mobile messaging software developed by Snap. 

It is currently among the most used applications in the world. Snap established the Snapchat network on Google in 2011.

The aim was to provide an architecture that has enabled Snap to concentrate on its core competencies. This includes growing its ecosystem to attract consumers and corporate partners at a speed and scale.

As of Q2 2022, Snapchat’s active daily users have been growing by about 18%. Google Cloud will help Snapchat to keep expanding its user base and providing quality services.

In addition, the Google Cloud team is providing ongoing assistance to the Snap team. This will be in decision-making guidance centered on flexibility, performance, innovation, availability, and cost.

Kirsten Kliphouse, Google Cloud’s President, stated that Snap must constantly innovate, develop new items, and improve the ones they already have. This is because the industry they are operating in is highly competitive.

The President added that the company is happy to keep partnering with Snap. Moreover, Snap is still working to attract, grow and retain users in its global ecosystem. 

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