September 24, 2023

Haleon And Microsoft Uses AI To Make Health Products Accessible

Haleon announced that it has partnered with Microsoft to make health products readable for those with low vision or blindness. They will enhance Microsoft’s free Seeing Artificial Intelligence application to improve usage.

Haleon And Microsoft To Engance Functionality Of Seeing AI App 

Haleon, an International giant in consumer health, has partnered with Microsoft to make health products accessible to all. The partnership is aimed at those who find it hard to read the label of health products and those with low vision or blindness. 

Across the United Kingdom and the United States, users will get to hear label information of over 1,500 health products. Some of the health products include Aquafresh, Sensodyne, Centrum, ChapStick, and Emergen-C. 

Seeing AI is a mobile software version that narrates the environment around those who have difficulty seeing. Microsoft’s Seeing AI app can read a Sensodyne barcode to obtain health information.

The launch, which took place on World Sight Day, will allow such individuals to know more about health products. All they have to do is scan the barcode on Haleon products.

This action will offer a voice read-out of crucial data such as the product name, instructions, and ingredients. 

Therefore, this will autonomously assist individuals in caring for their personal health by having labeled information read to them. This is due to through Seeing AI app, thanks to the expanded capability of Seeing AI.

Haleon Working To Promote Health Inclusivity 

Meanwhile, the Seeing AI partnership is among Haleon’s first initiatives to promote health inclusivity. The company is driven by the passion for offering better health services to humans globally. 

Saqib Shaikh, an engineer at Microsoft, said he is happy to launch the enhanced Seeing AI app. He added that the app has audio cues which allow users to know about health products. 

A team of engineers at Microsoft developed the application. Saqib Shaikh, who has been blind since seven, spearheaded the team who developed the app. Shaikh’s major drive and passion were to make life easier for others using technology.

Additionally, Shaikh said this app greatly benefits those who cannot read or see. The app would help them to gain some form of independence.

Katie Williams, United States CMO at Haleon, stated that every individual should enjoy accessible health products and services. Also, they should have access to information that would allow them to make proactive and informed choices.

“Haleon began this cooperation with Microsoft via its Seeing AI application, with the goal of making consumer healthcare inclusive, accessible, and achievable. We are honored to assist in making improved everyday health more accessible to the blind and others with limited vision,” Williams added.

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