September 24, 2023

Nokia Introduces AI Maturity Assessment Tool For CSPs

Nokia has launched an AI Maturity Assessment to assist CSPs (communication service providers). The new tool will offer them software solutions they can use to decrease network congestion, enhance user experience with new services and products, and enhance network quality. 

Nokia Launches AI Tool For CSPs 

Meanwhile, the assessment will offer an improved understanding of CSP’s existing and future usage of AI capabilities. This would help to promote greater network performance.

In addition, the Assessment tool was launched at Nokia’s Algorithm World event in the United States. The event had various professionals in the industry and aimed to explore recent software and data innovations.

Furthermore, the tool leads the operator to develop their own AI strategy. In addition, it conducts a competitive analysis of the operator in relation to other operators in various markets. The tool also evaluates based on a framework comprising eight aspects (ranging from AI strategy to customer service and autonomous activities) and an additional 67 sub-dimensions.

It gives CSPs a picture of how mature they have become in all aspects compared to other operators in the same space. In addition, it outlines a CSP’s progression through five levels of automation.

The first level is assisted automation before it reaches zero-touch automation, the highest level. At the beginning level, AI can predict network issues and faults. It can also offer network optimization protocols through closed-loop learning.

The Importance Of Nokia’s AI Technology For CSPs 

Meanwhile, as Nokia continues on its transformation journey, its latest partnership with CSPs will benefit them. It will provide such entities with a clear picture of how AI technology can improve their services now and in the future.

It is also meant to dissuade CSPs from adopting a “wait and see” strategy. This strategy entails the danger of being left behind by rivals while missing the potential of AI technology. 

Adaora Okeleke, a Principal Analyst, said AI tech could change all aspects of human lives and even the telecommunications industry. Unfortunately, Okeleke not that several telecom firms are not ready to capitalize on AI technology. 

This means they may not have the right processes, tools, and skill sets. Telecom needs tools that can evaluate how AI-ready they are and offer recommendations on how to scale using AI technology. 

Hamdy Farid, Nokia’s SVP for Business Applications, said the new tool would help firms increase the network functions they offer. Also, it will reduce energy consumption in different stations, fasten security assurance, and detect and resolve network problems.

Besides, AI technology has gained prominence in various operations. Nokia’s Assessment tool provides a framework for improving AI readiness and implementing AI in a network environment.

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