April 14, 2024

AT&T To Launch 5G Edge Zones In The US Before The End of 2022

According to reports, AT&T will launch 12 5G Edge Zones in the United States. The US operator said this would provide internet access for the next generation of users. The company wishes to accomplish this before the end of 2022. 

AT&T To Install More 5G Edge Zones In The United States 

In a recent post, Jeremy Legg, AT&T’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), noted that ten of the Edge zones are already up and running in various parts of the US. According to the CTO, the company will launch more in 2023.

Meanwhile, AT&T asserts that its regional 5G network powers the Edge zones. Hence, it will offer new features and functions businesses using 4G cannot enjoy.

Reducing the distance between an online service and the customer helps to increase the response time of the network. Consequently, existing apps will become faster and smoother. This would open more possibilities that were not available initially.

According to Legg, AT&T is building its Edge model using three elements. They include local private data or public cloud centers with computing resources, virtualized network functions, software-defined network capabilities, and local standalone networks.

In addition, Legg stated that it would locate the operator’s software-defined capabilities and standalone network cores at network data centers. Also, these network data centers must be near cross-connect faculties with super-fast connections to close-by cloud facilities operated by “hyper scale” cloud providers.

5G Edge Zones To Create More Opportunities 

AT&T believes the Edge zones, which are driven by regional 5G independent network components, will open the door to a wide variety of possibilities that are just inconceivable with 4G technology. 

Also, it thinks that providing entrepreneurs with localized, hands-on access to its 5G network will be a basic building piece for the innovators of the future.

This is similar to how businesses played a vital part in the development of new services and experiences because of 4G. In addition to this, he mentions that AT&T would offer “new managed services via its 5G network to clients that want tailored capabilities for specific applications and uses.

Meanwhile, reports reveal that AT&T has reportedly begun discussions with infrastructural investors. The aim is to form a joint venture extending the company’s fiber network.

According to Bloomberg, the operator is collaborating with Morgan Stanley to choose a build-out partner. Besides, AT&T wants to invest billions of dollars in expanding its fibre network.

This expansion will allow the company to cover more grounds in the country. Meanwhile, the value of the joint venture might range from $10 to $15 billion.

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