April 14, 2024

IonQ Secures Quantum Computing Deal With US Air Force

IonQ, a giant in quantum computing, announced today that it has bagged a contract worth over $13.4 million with the United States AFRL (Air Force Research Lab). This is part of America’s drive to safeguard itself against foreign invaders.

IonQ To Supply The US AFRL With Trapped Ion Systems 

The quantum computing firm will provide the research lab with materials to conduct research on quantum computing research. The AFRL will also use these materials to develop quantum applications and algorithms.

Moreover, quantum computing technology administration and its systems can help the Air Force protect the country’s private and public infrastructure. The AFRL-IonQ deal is a substantial public-private cooperation to engage in quantum computing and is IonQ’s latest economic milestone.

Michael Hayduk, AFRL’s Deputy Director of Information Directorate, said Trapped ions have some special characteristics. These characteristics make them important for quantum computing development. 

Also, high algorithmic qubits have shown they have huge potential. He added that this contract is part of the AFRL’s mission to pursue quantum science.

This partnership will increase the rate of quantum tech projects that will benefit the Air Force. It would give them the upper hand to protect the country and ensure national security. 

Last year, the United States unveiled the Quantum Cybersecurity Preparedness Act. This signals the need for the country to invest in quantum technologies.

The aim is to protect the nations from foreign attacks and to develop their quantum computing power compared to other nations. In May, Biden’s administration revealed plans to support quantum computing research.

IonQ Providing Quantum Computing Solution To Giant Firms

In September, the NSA (National Security Administration) issued guidelines on the need for cybersecurity preparedness in the face of potential rivals developing quantum technologies.

The CEO of IonQ, Peter Chapman, stated that:

“Quantum computing is the secret that we hope could unleash unsuspected efficiency and power in the creation and implementation of U.S. defense technology. This area of study shows very exciting promise. The company is happy to be the first to collaborate with the AFRL.” 

Chapman added that this research would have a major benefit for the country at large. IonQ’s cooperation with the AFRL maintains the company’s momentum of commercial and scientific achievements. 

So far, the company has fostered commercial and research ties with various companies. They include Hyundai, Goldman Sachs, GE Research, Airbus, and others. 

Recently, the firm revealed that the IonQ Aria system, its latest invention, is now available to the public. Users can access it on Microsoft’s Azure Quantum. 

This invention allows engineers, software developers, industry leaders, and researchers to access quantum computing technology via cloud computing.

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