September 24, 2023

C$1M Committed By Western University To Research 5G Network’s Capabilities


Western announced on Feb 16 that Bell and Western University are collaborating on eight new proposals to introduce future-generation experiences on 5G networks. For research on 5G projects to test the capabilities of the network in real-world scenarios, C$1 has been committed by the university.

Western and Bell created a lab as part of their partnership. Established in the year 2021 for research and testing the lab would be able to access the complete 5G range.

Western’s campus will act as a living lab to carry out the eight projects which are funded by the Western.

In an email message to IT World Canada the Western University, Executive Director of Government Relations and Strategic partnerships Peter White stated that the present commercial N66 service that other carriers and Bell are offering in Canada is accessible to our researchers. In the fall of 2021, the pre-commercial range of 3.5 GHz N78 activated on one cell site and had been operational since Jan-1 in all the research parks and campus areas to utilize by the researchers. All 5G additional ranges are made available for researchers to utilize.

Western told in last year’s news release, that for 5G deployment it invested C$2.7 million in the campus and used five signal towers. The Bell’s commercial network was connected with towers for researchers to test their designs in a real-life scenario.

In the news release, the kinesiology professor of Western University Kevin Shoemaker stated that it is about connecting people to things, people to places, and people to people.

After it is fully functional, now Western proclaims that in Canada it is the only university with a fully deployed and operational 5G network, which permits all the researchers to develop and testing of advanced technologies.

New research programs include big data processing, development of speedier apps, security enhancement for drones, robot-assisted surgery, and remote applications.

Western researchers are using 5G technology and experimenting on how to handle pressing social problems like mental health improvement, avoidance of collision, and more engaging virtual classrooms creation in virtual reality. All these projects are dependent on low intervals of 5G network, more devices it supports, and its high throughput. And are expected to be tested live in the year 2022.

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