September 24, 2023

Building Headquarters in Horizon Worlds

Meta which is formerly Facebook hosts its metaverse through the Horizon family of apps which are accessed via Meta Quest virtual reality headset. Its flagship game Horizon Worlds lets you attend events, interact with other people, create and explore worlds. Meta building its office headquarters in Horizon Worlds which offers a low barrier for designer’s entry but not without some cautions and limits.

Horizon Worlds allow you to build and create anything using basic shapes like from coffee shop to the couch, unlike the other platforms where you could hire game designers and architects for building out your experience. Advance users through scripting could create interactive experiences and games, but, you must have to do everything with remotes and headsets, which takes you some time to get used to. Furthermore, many basic things like controlling an object’s transparency or adding images are not completely possible yet.

On the contrary, Horizon Workrooms allows to host meetings and work in the metaverse. You can connect a computer to a headset and use it in a Workroom, even can customize it with your logo. So get ready to watch folks wearing headsets while typing on the laptops.

Giants such as Microsoft are developing their gaming-centered metaverse. For gamers reality for a while for social and real-time experience is playing games such as Activision Blizzard’s Call of Duty and Microsoft’s Halo.

Likewise, Epic Games Fortnite and Roblox took years gathering millions of their users who interact and play in their metaverse-like platforms. So no wonder Microsoft will continue to capitalize on connected gaming experience users by acquiring Activision Blizzard to get its hold in the metaverse.

Decenterland which is a blockchain-based metaverse where users develop and purchase virtual land is also getting its grip as a platform where companies could run brand activations and design.

In meantime McDonald’s is also preparing its virtual grills of metaverse-based restaurant and Panera has also filed its trademark of Paneraverse.

The metaverse infrastructure is still in its early days and most of it is in the hands of corporations that are gambling on profitability within the next decade but still trying to figure out how to do it.

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