September 24, 2023

Rohde & Schwarz Introduces the R&S PVT360A 5G Tester: Verifies Performance of 5G Base Stations

R&S PVT360A 5G Tester

According to reports from Rohde & Schwarz, the company has finalized its new testing equipment, PVT360A, for the R&S series. The testing equipment verifies the performance output of various 5G base stations and RF components.

The company says that its new testing equipment satisfies the basic requirements of the 3rd Generation Partnership Project(3GPP).

3GPP is a collaboration of telecommunications standards organizations (TSOs) from around the world, which are responsible for the global standard for mobile telecommunications systems known as 3GPP. The organization aims to create a sustainable and globally applicable third-generation mobile system that can provide high-quality voice, data, and multimedia services.

Features of The R&S PVT360A

Developers of the R&S PVT360A specifically designed it to test and verify the performance of 5G NR FR1 devices and RF components, and it boasts an impressive frequency range of 400 MHz to 9 GHz.

This wide frequency range covers the majority of 5G signals, including the yet-to-be-licensed band of 7 GHz. This ability makes it a versatile and powerful tool for manufacturers, allowing them to test their devices and components across a wide range of frequencies.

The R&S PVT360A is a powerful tester packed with advanced features to help manufacturers test and verify the performance of 5G NR FR1 devices and RF components. One of the prime features of this tester is its dual-channel design, which includes two TRX channels, two analyzers, and two signal generators.

This feature allows manufacturers to perform simultaneous tests on multiple devices or components. These simultaneous tests can save time and increase efficiency in the testing process.

Another standout feature of the R&S PVT360A is its ability to handle high bandwidths. The tester offers over 500 MHz for the most bandwidth for one signal, which is significantly more than what many other testers on the market offer.

This bandwidth is particularly beneficial for manufacturers of high-performance 5G NR FR1 devices and RF components, as it allows them to test and verify the performance of their 5G products.

The high bandwidth capability also enables the tester to test 5G technologies that companies are developing and deploying to meet the growing demands of 5G networks. The R&S PVT360A allows manufacturers to test and verify their devices and components against the latest 3GPP standards.

In addition to its dual-channel design, the R&S PVT360A has an impressive number of ports. Each TRX channel, analyzer, and signal generator has more than seven duplex ports. These ports provide manufacturers with numerous connectivity options, making testing a wide range of devices and components easy.

A large number of ports also allows manufacturers to test multiple devices or device components together, which increases efficiency and reduces testing time.

The R&S PVT360A is a highly versatile tester that can meet the needs of manufacturers across a wide range of industries, and its advanced features make it a powerful tool for testing and verifying the performance of 5G NR FR1 devices and RF components.

Technical Specifications

The R&S PVT360A boasts impressive technical specifications that make it a powerful tool for testing and verifying the performance of 5G NR FR1 devices and RF components.

The main technical specification of the tester is its measurement accuracy, which developers rate higher than 0.5 dB. This accuracy allows manufacturers to get precise and reliable results when testing their devices and components.

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