October 3, 2023

German Operators Compete For 5G Prestige

This week appears to be Germany’s turn, with three controllers releasing info on the very same day, both touting a rollout of some kind.

In terms of its 3.6-GHz 5G implementation, incumbent Deutsche Telekom stated on the first day that over 5,000 transmitters are all now a member of Telekom’s elevated 5G network. In recent weeks, approximately 350 sites have indeed been added. The extremely fast 5G network is composed of nearly 1,700 sites in sum.

According to Deutsche Telekom, its 3.6-GHz system has become accessible in 200 cities, with a bandwidth of approximately 1 Gbps. Once merged including its 2.1-GHz system, that also uses dynamic bandwidth sharing to divide bandwidth among 4G as well as 5G users.

Even as youth will indeed say, an amazing if somewhat staid flex. Possibly. Meanwhile, Telefónica Germany used another more sensational tone to brag about its facilities.

O2 Telefónica had also achieved a mature breakthrough in its countrywide 5G network growth counterattack: approximately 10,000 5G transmitters are currently transferring inside the O2 system.” This implies that O2 serves upwards of a majority of the total with 5G, as per the telco.

It aims to broaden 5G to 50 % of the population even by end of the current year, to reach 100% by the end of 2025. Telefónica’s 3.6-GHz implementation, as its magenta-colored competitor, has now 5,000 antennas.

Right now, approximately 40 new 5G transmitters and receivers are now being decided to add every day, said CTIO Mallik of Telefónica Germany.

Along with our 5G growth strategies, we are going to lay a solid foundation and create optimal conditions for vast numbers of residential and commercial clients in Germany to provide a better future.

According to the latest study by buyer publication StiftungWarentest, Deutsche Telekom’s 5G network ended up winning on average due to the high availability, bandwidth, and reduced latency.

That argument was supported by OpenSignal’s greatest latest study on 5G in Germany. DT currently ranks first in connection speed and connectivity, and also greatest in youtube clip and playing games perceptions, according to a November report. Telefónica, on the other hand, wins in the end in terms of download speed, with an estimate of 143.9Mbps.

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