September 24, 2023

AI-Powered App Could Boost Life Of Smartphone Battery

Technology giants will be informed about a new and cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) innovation, which has the potential of giving a 30% boost to the battery life of smartphones.

This can help in saving countless kilowatts that are otherwise consumed in energy bills.


The University of Essex has done this ground-breaking task and incorporated the innovation into an app that they have named EOptimizer.

They will exhibit this app to specialist designers and researchers, along with big and renowned manufacturing businesses, such as Huawei and Nokia.

It is expected that the AI-powered app would be used all over the tech industry and as it will extend the life of consumer goods, it will play an important role in cutting down carbon emissions.

This goal will be accomplished by the EOptimizer through software utilization to greatly increase the dependability and efficiency of batteries in smart fridges, phones, tablets, laptops, and automobiles.

Hence, this will delay the time when customers would have to purchase replacements that produce a carbon footprint.

The software has been developed by former employees of HCL Technologies, Microsoft, and Samsung and it uses artificial intelligence (AI) for optimizing efficiency, heat generation, and chip performance.

The team leader

Dr. Amit Singh spearheaded the project and said that they were very excited to showcase it to some of the world’s biggest companies.

He said that they hoped to improve everyone’s life and save money, while also helping save the environment.

He added that this would be the first step of a journey in which they hope to see customers have access to their app all over the world.

He went on to say that since the use of 50 billion devices has been predicted by 2024, the EOptimizer app can help the United Kingdom and the rest of the world in achieving their zero emissions goals.

How does it work?

The sophisticated technology evaluates how an app is used during the day and optimizes the use of energy.

For instance, if a user is scrolling through a news app quickly to check headlines, it will require a higher FPS (frames per second) than when they scroll slowly and use it to read properly.

Artificial intelligence (AI) identifies the change in the FPS and then tries to achieve the best operating frequency of GPU and CPU processors for dealing with the change.

It accomplishes this while using as little power as possible and without letting the device heat up, which is a major issue in smartphones.

This new app is an indication that artificial intelligence (AI) has a lot of uses and can be used in a variety of industries for making improvements.

Tech companies like Samsung and Huawei can certainly use this AI-powered app for providing their clients with the chance of preserving their smartphones’ battery life and using them for a long.

With climate change becoming a big concern among money, this app can certainly have a lot of potential applications in the long run.

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