September 24, 2023

The community-focused consumer-generated composition virtual world, YAHAHA Labs, successfully disclosed that it had already acquired a Film franchise A+ funding of $40M while it gets ready to advance its infrastructure.

The Big Players

Temasek and Alibaba were the main investors in the company’s most recent batch of fundraising, which also included 37 Digital Productions. The pay increase would go into expanding the YAHAHA offering, network, workforce, and natural environment.

Over 100k artists have flocked to YAHAHA’s Personal computer and macintosh infrastructure after the initial Preliminary Alpha debut in April 2022, while a large number of users have downloaded the smartphone application to engage various UGC diversions. A remarkable collection of Cohesion professionals launched YAHAHA in 2020, with twin headquarters in Helsinki and China.

The network’s goal is to start making it easier for creators from all expertise degrees to create 3D material, including video games, planets, and community settings. YAHAHA offers both comprehensive, user-friendly training and technologies that allow designing video games as simple as dragging and dropping. With the addition of this venture to YAHAHA’s earlier Phase A round of $50m, the company has now nearly received $100m in capital over two years.

With headquarters in Finland, Korea, and China, YAHAHA employs more than 150 people worldwide. Using additional hiring and operations in regional marketplaces like the US and ASEAN, it intends to widen its footprint with another latest tranche of investment. To expand its community, YAHAHA intends to work with companies to integrate fresh intellectual properties into its virtual world.

YAHAHA’s Growth Over the Years

We’ve witnessed amazing expansion in YAHAHA during the Initial Alpha phase, albeit with approximately 100k artists joining to produce entertainment with each other, we are establishing on a robust basis, according to Chris Zhu, CEO of YAHAHA. So the final stride we are undertaking with YAHAHA is providing additional creative interactions and commercialization components, which is represented by this wave of investment.

The management of YAHAHA has reiterated their unyielding plans saying “We are however striving to break ground by expanding in important social regions, forming alliances with businesses that embrace our ideals, and teaming up with leaders in console design, 3D resource production, and other industries.

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