September 24, 2023

Vodafone And Topcon Develop Satellite Tech To Track IoT Devices

Vodafone and Topcon Group are designing a new mass-market accurate positioning technology. This will allow companies to accurately identify IoT (IoT) machines, cars, and devices instead of depending on individual GNSS (global navigation satellite systems).

Vodafone To Run Pilot Tests In Germany, UK, And Spain

This technology will combine Topcon technology and Vodafone’s worldwide IoT network. Meanwhile, Topcon’s technology helps to correct the imperfections in navigation satellites. 

As a result, companies and individuals can track scooters, robot lawnmowers, and vehicles in real time. Topcon’s extensive European infrastructure of hundreds of GNSS base stations improves location precision from a few millimeters.

This location precision is high when gadgets and cars are suited with the right receiving equipment and antennas. Furthermore, both firms have decided to accelerate consumer trials.

Therefore, Vodafone is asking some users to participate in pilot activities beginning in September. This will take place in the UK, Spain, and Germany. 

Additionally, the firms said they would test and examine the service, dubbed Vodafone GNSS Corrections. It will do so using the wide range of devices linked to Vodafone’s international IoT network.

Besides, Vodafone’s IoT network is among the largest globally, with more than 150 million connections. Also, its pan-European network spans 12 countries.

Further, the V2X (Vehicle to Anything) technology needs accurate precision. This technology allows cars to communicate with one another, otherwise road users, driverless cars, and autonomous robotics and machines.

Users Will Be Able To Locate IoT Devices Faster 

Also, E-bike riders may utilize Vodafone GNSS Corrections to offer precise information about their location. Subsequently, it will also warn other commuters.

Justin Shields, Vodafone’s leader of Business Platforms and Solutions, stated that:

“Nascent innovations like driverless cars and linked machines continue to emerge everyday. Our company wants to provide the crucial connections to power these innovative solutions with better accuracy, scalability and more safety.” 

Shields added that users want to find their IoT devices more easily. Therefore, the partnership with Topcon enhances the firm’s present asset monitoring and fleet telematics systems.

Ian Stilgoe, Topcon Global’s VP, said the company is happy to partner with Vodafone to deliver high-precision services. This will allow V2X apps to run at the precision needed to enhance road safety, especially for vulnerable road users.

The VP added that Topcon has a long experience in offering precise location systems. This experience makes it an excellent partner for Vodafone, which will be utilizing the massive Topnet Live GNSS network.

Meanwhile, both firms can tweak Vodafone’s high precision services to strengthen the positioning accuracy of other devices. This includes delivery robots, drones, and safety wearables.

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