September 24, 2023

Tredence Closes $175 Million Series B Funding Round to Accelerate AI & Data-Driven Solutions

Tredence Inc., a startup specializing in information science & artificial intelligence, announced that it has recently secured $175 million in funding during a Series B fundraise led by Advent Global. The company plans to utilize this funding to accelerate the development and practical application of AI and data-driven solutions in various industries.

In addition, the budget will allow Tredence to further its mission of helping organizations extract value from data and harness the power of artificial intelligence to drive innovation and improve business outcomes.

Tredence’s expertise in information science and AI will be crucial in helping its clients make informed decisions and stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly data-driven world.

Tredence AI & data-driven solutions

Tredence, established in 2013, focuses on connecting insight creation & value realization, which it refers to as the “last-mile dilemma in AI.” To achieve this, the company offers advisory services & custom solutions that utilize AI to assess data and extract insights, focusing on data management, data visualization, and machine learning.

Through its innovative approach, Tredence helps businesses unlock the full potential of their data and make informed decisions through artificial intelligence.

Tredence serves a variety of sectors, including healthcare, retail financial services, travel, hospitality, and travel. The company provides tools for data management and custom machine-learning models in each sector to help customers turn siloed data into actionable business insights that can enhance operational efficiency and drive growth.

By leveraging its expertise in information science and artificial intelligence, Tredence helps its clients harness the power of data and AI to drive innovation and achieve their business goals.

Tredence’s ATOM.AI ecosystem

Tredence has developed specialized, industry-specific Artificial Intelligence go-to-market approaches that combine its expertise in data science with a deep understanding of its clients’ businesses to answer some of its most pressing challenges.

The vertical Artificial Intelligence approaches rely on ATOM.AI, the company’s incorporated accelerator system that guides organizations from scheme to deployment to value generation. ATOM.AI enables Tredence to deliver tailored, data-driven solutions that help its clients extract maximum value from data and harness the power of artificial intelligence to drive innovation and growth.

Tredence aims to Lead Through Innovation

Tredence announced that Advent would obtain a minority stake in the firm as its investment. In addition, they will work with current investor CPF (Chicago Pacific Founders) to expand Tredence’s vertical & domain expertise, improve its operational excellence, and support its channel partner development.

Tredence aims to be hundreds of businesses’ most requisite data & analytics partners through this partnership. The additional funding and strategic support from Advent and Chicago Pacific Founders will allow Tredence to continue growing and expanding its capabilities as a leader in information science and artificial intelligence.

Tredence CEO Shub Bhowmick stated that Advent boasts a global reach, comprehensive industry know-how, and knowledge in scaling startups. Advent Managing Partner Shweta Jalan added that data analytics is an exciting segment within digital data technologies solutions.

With growth driven by the increase in data generation and captured globally, the decreased cost of storage and computing, and the opportunity it presents for businesses to gain valuable insights.

Jalan believes Tredence, with its deep domain expertise, has the potential to become a category-defining leader in the field. The company aims to help clients solve complex problems across industries through innovative and experimental approaches using data science and artificial intelligence.

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