September 24, 2023

Top Cryptocurrency Instagram Accounts; Crypto Influencers Worth Your Follow in 2023

Finding the right individuals to inform you on topics such as crypto & blockchain can be challenging. Instagram is among the most utilized social media platforms today, and it is quickly transforming into a sector of a flourishing crypto ecosystem.

Are you a crypto fan seeking knowledge about the crypto world? Here are the top cryptocurrency influencers you can trust to alleviate your doubts, clarify any needed concepts, make lucrative investment recommendations, and provide updated news about the industry.

What’s a Cryptocurrency Influencer?

The social media popularity & surged interest in crypto have allowed cryptocurrency influencers to offer regular insights about the digital assets industry. Crypto influencers can be individuals with experience investing in crypto and post content related to the decentralized economy and crypto on the web to educate others.

Cryptocurrency influencers popularize crypto and concepts such as blockchain, metaverse, and NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Meanwhile, they post information on several social media sites, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter, to reach out to their targeted audience and educate enthusiasts about cryptos.

Crypto influencers comment on weekly market developments, their latest investments, and forecasts about the crypto market’s state. Nevertheless, the digital investment space remains volatile, and predictions by influencers can be inaccurate. Investors and traders should be cautious when using influencer recommendations to place their bets. Meanwhile, here are top cryptocurrency influencers to learn from whenever using Instagram.

Robert Kiyosaki

The author of the best-selling Rich Dad, Poor Dad, could not resist the pull to invest in crypto. The well-recognized celebrity started backing decentralized finance in the 2020s. Robert Kiyosaki educates his followers about the benefits of investing in digital tokens via Instagram videos, presenting rich & relevant information.

He occasionally posts motivational quotes and sayings. Kiyosaki has 3 million Instagram followers and 2.0071% engagement. Besides crypto, he educates individuals on wealth building through saving and investment portfolio maximization.


ShareCrypto is among the top handle to follow crypto updates on Instagram. The reputable Instagram account publishes the latest info on the crypto industry simply and concisely. This Instagram account has 427K followers, with 0.50% engagement.

BitBoy Crypto

Crypto fan Ben Armstrong, known by his BitBoy Crypto username, has a substantial Instagram following. The content’s producer disseminated Bitcoin updates and news via videos uploaded on Instagram or YouTube as vertical videos. Ben has followed crypto since 2011, joining the most respected names within the BTC trading space.

He informs the public about the latest trends. Besides the video uploads, he posts news pieces on his bitboycrypto website. He’s among the leading cryptocurrency influencers to follow for updates and info on cryptocurrency developments. BitBoy Crypto boasts more than 477K followers and 0.16% engagement.

Matthias Mende

Matthias Mende (with more than 215K IG followers and a comprehensive portfolio in social media marketing and crypto trading) is among Dubai’s leading cryptocurrency influencers. He’s well-familiar with influencer marketing. For instance, he ran the MEMMOS social media company in 2011.

Matthias Mende began his career in crypto with Block Gemini, where he assumed the Chief Strategic Officer position between 2018 and 2021. Meanwhile, increased crypto interest had Mende starting Bonuz, a blockchain-based site for celebrity marketing. He posts motivational posts and explanatory videos about blockchain and crypto on Instagram. The accounts had 3.44% engagement.

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