April 14, 2024

Stratos Jet Charters to Accept Crypto Payments

Strators Jet Charters Inc., the company based in Orlando, Florida, has entered into a partnership with FTX US. Due to this collaboration, customers of Stratos Jet will now be able to use FTX Pay for making their payments in the form of crypto. According to the chief executive of Stratos Jet, their firm has been on the lookout for a crypto partner and they had found FTX to be the ‘ideal fit’. The company disclosed that it has signed a deal with FTX US on Tuesday about accepting crypto payments for its services. The company is a private jet charter broker and it also has a platform for mobile and desktop devices called Stratos Marketplace. 

The application can be used by people for booking flights instantly with Stratos Jet and now it will be integrated with FTX. According to the company, customers will now be able to book as well as pay for their flights in a couple of clicks. Joel Thomas, the chief executive officer of Stratos Jet, made the announcement and said that they wanted a crypto partner that could be integrated with the Stratos Marketplace. According to the chief executive, the security as well as the myriad of features that FTX offers had driven them to opt for it. 

As per Thomas, there is no denying that FTX offers a sophisticated platform, but the fact that it is easy to use for clients and can be integrated rather seamlessly with the Stratos Marketplace is a bonus. It should be noted that Stratos Jet is not the first private jet charter company to begin accepting payments in crypto. It was previously reported that PrivateFly, a directional aviation firm, had had 20% of its sales paid in the form of crypto in the month of January. Fast Private Jet is another company that people can also leverage for making crypto payments via Bitpay, a prominent crypto payments company. 

Brett Harrison, FTX US’s president, also spoke about their partnership with Stratos Jet. He stated that they had developed FTX Pay for helping companies in accepting payments in all kinds of currencies. Harrison further said that Stratos is a company that prioritizes customer experience and they are willing to assist them in this goal via their payment platform. He said that they were looking forward to working with an industry leader and assisting them in offering their clients a better experience and also boosting the presence of digital assets, moving away from the traditional financial landscape.

According to the CEO of Stratos Jet, they have seen an unprecedented increase in the demand for private aviation. The company’s executive believes that they would be able to reduce the risk associated with credit card usage significantly through the use of the FTX platform. The collaboration of FTX with Stratos Jet comes after the company had signed a monumental deal with Monumental Sports Entertainment. In addition, they have also entered into several other partnerships in 2021 that are sports-related, which goes to show that crypto is infiltrating the different industries quickly and is on its way to becoming mainstream. 

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