September 24, 2023

Spanish Laliga To Launch Metaverse Project On Decentraland 

Spanish football league, Laliga, has collaborated with two metaverse-based firms, Vegas City Limited and Stadioplus. The league wants to digitalize some of its activities and launch them on Decentraland.

Spanish First Division, Laliga Eyes The Metaverse 

The latest move by Laliga is to help the organization offer new experiences to fans. Using the metaverse, the league can provide users with digital experiences.

During the Covid-19 lockdown, several sports leagues and organizations over the world witnessed low patronage from fans. Following the crisis, they now see the need to embrace the digital economy as a way to generate more revenue.

Laliga is among the most popular leagues across Europe, with vast viewership from all over the globe. As a result, the company has finally taken a step to launch some projects in the metaverse. 

According to reports, Laliga has launched a strategic collaboration with metaverse-related firms. This will allow the organization to launch some experiences and activities in Decentraland. 

Decentraland, an ETH-based metaverse platform, is a famous metaverse firm in the metaverse industry. To carry out its new task, the league partnered with Vegas City Limited and Stadioplus.

Stadioplus is a company that wants to link the sports world with the metaverse and Web3. Vegas City Limited is a firm that creates an experience for virtual worlds and the metaverse.

Laliga seeks to attract younger audiences via virtual engagements. The new attractions will be available in a collection of plots in Vegas City, a district of Decentraland that offers sports, entertainment, and gambling activities.

Spanish Football Teams Embrace The Metaverse 

Stephen Ibbotson, Laliga’s leader in charge of franchises and licensing, stated that:

“LaLiga will continue to innovate to provide our supporters with the competition, both on and off the field. In addition, this licensing agreement will enable us to connect with a new audience on Decentraland.”

Also, Agus Ferreira, Decentraland Foundation’s CEO, said the metaverse is imperative in the sports industry. Ferreira said esports using web3 would change the present-day method of fan interaction.

Meanwhile, other teams in the Spanish football league have also released diverse metaverse initiatives. For example, one of the teams in the league, FC Barcelona, introduced Barca Studios recently.

Barca Studios is an entertainment division that would handle the club’s metaverse activities. Also, collaborated with the club to launch a token for its fans.

In August, contributed $100 million to Barcelona’s Barca Studios. Also, another Spanish team, FC Real Madrid, has filed several metaverse trademark applications. Among them is the protection of its IP for operation in the digital space.

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