September 24, 2023

Shutterstock Joins OpenAI To Launch AI-Generated Contents 

The top worldwide creative firm, Shutterstock, plans to introduce a new mechanism to the AI concept. Today, in a report, it announced intentions to introduce its AI-produced content model. It will entail a transparent and accountable output for its contributors and users. 

Shutterstock Teams Up With OpenAI

Shutterstock secured the forefront of materializing technology to enhance its tandem with OpenAI. Further, it looks to indemnify artists for their parts in creating the AI tool. Also, with this, it can concentrate its R&D machine on garnering and producing ideas correlating with AI-generated content. 

Paul Hennessy, the CEO of Shutterstock, commented on the company’s recent progress. He said creative platforms are persistently developing and progressing. Therefore, the firm is driven to keep up with the evolving trend of creativity.

Essentially, it strives to produce ethically premised content using AI technology. Paul alluded to the platform’s long-term experience incorporating AI with every angle of their business. Therefore, making the firm a classic ship to sail the waters of the new technology. 

He added that the platform is devoted to growing impressive and immersive experiences while delivering on its purpose to enable the world to create content confidently. 

This partnership aims to present OpenAI’s perfect image derivation capacity to Shutterstock customers globally. They will deploy features that enable users to access images based on demand. Shutterstock defines it as creativity at the speed of your imagination. 

Shutterstock Enables Artist-centric Functionalities 

Furthermore, this consortium roots the collaboration of both entities, which started in 2021 deeper. Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, said the permit obtained from Shutterstock was essential to improving DALL-E. He further stated that the company is happy Shutterstock used its API to unveil its first DALL-E images. 

So, they are looking forward to a futuristic association to unveil new products as AI technology advances among artists. The integration will go live in the coming months. After it does, users will be notified of the new features and granted access to use them in their work. 

Accordingly, Shutterstock contributors will be required for their contributions to building this technology. Shutterstock understands that AI-produced content is the combined effort of its contributing artists. Therefore, to remunerate these artists for their role in building the technology, the platform created a structure to generate revenue for them. 

Interestingly, it seeks to repay its artists through royalties whenever their stuff is used. 

Additionally, Shutterstock supported the Ethical Data Foundation 2022 conference. It aims at demonstrating its ethical inclusion in AI and content generation. Also, the platform continues pushing evolution in DEI and technological inventions across different creative levels. 

In an attempt to safeguard its creators, artists, and photographers’ IP rights, Shutterstock established a defined structure. It ensures that all feature contents and images possess usage rights and appropriate permits. 

Shutterstock has a strict policy management framework to foster checks and balances.

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