September 24, 2023

Shopify And Novel To Make Accessible Web3 For Merchants

Shopify, the global e-commerce firm, has collaborated with Novel to ensure merchants have access to Web3 technologies. Meanwhile, Novel is a no-code platform for Web3 commerce.

Shopify To Make Web3 Accessible To More Persons

Meanwhile, Novel introduced an application on Shopify App Store. This will allow vendors on Shopify to enjoy Web3 innovation in the e-commerce space. Moreover, these buyers do not need the time, monetary commitments, or technical knowledge needed.

Further, the Novel app on Shopify offers new unique features. Minting and utility are two significant features. Minting allows users to create and generate NFTs articles. Meanwhile, Novel has introduced new features which allow the NFT collection to be available on Shopify. 

When a consumer purchase an NFT, Novel will computerize the currency bridge and generate a matching crypto wallet for them, for the utility aspect, Novel enables token-based benefits on Shopify shops, including token-gated items, discounts, Addresses, Solana’s cross-chain, Polygon, and Ethereum.

Roger Beaman, Novel’s CEO, said:

“We can harness the industry-leading ecommerce site they’ve established by connecting with Shopify to provide all Shopify buyer’s with the right tools to grow the ecosystem.”

The Novel application is a complete Web3 utility on Shopify and also supports token-gating, enabling merchants to introduce new uses for NFTs. 

In June, Shopify launched a feature that allows merchants to keep up with their fans. They can also increase sales by developing exclusive items for token holders.

Shopify Unveils Tokengate

Meanwhile, the platform reported that the project, called “tokengate,” was only available in beta mode. In addition, merchants can form partnerships with other companies for forthcoming NFT drops.

Additionally, they had the power to mint personal unique NFTs on various blockchains like Flow, Solana, Polygon, and Ethereum. Moreover, several companies are rising up to make life easier for merchants as they bring them to the world of  Web3.

Meanwhile, only chosen merchants who already have an NFT collection participated in the beta test. To buy NFTs, buyers and sellers do not have to use crypto payment. 

Shopify Payment, Shop Pay, and a variety of crypto payment gateways, and debit or credit cards, are examples of payment gateways. Buyers can immediately add their newly acquired NFTs to their wallets after claiming their NFTs through email.

Meanwhile, the beta was only open to only some merchants. Meanwhile, Shopify did not restrict the payment method to only cryptocurrencies. 

Payment gateways available include Shop Pay, Shopify Payments, debit or credit cards, and crypto payment channels. Moreover, NFT purchasers can claim them through email or straight to their wallets. 

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