April 14, 2024

SHIBGAME: The New Project with Passive Income Capabilities

SHIBGAME is a new crypto token with seven distinct features. It allows winning rewards through survival tournaments participations. Anyone can enjoy the game by purchasing coins worth about $20 and above. With that, gamers access exclusive rights to partake in the cryptocurrency survival tournament. Moreover, winners share the prize pool, equaling 1% across the entire transaction for some time.

SHIBGAME’s first game is the Golden Bridge. With it, players jump a suspended bridge with glass panels. These panels differ – some are breakable while others are stronger. If the gamer selects a fragile glass, it breaks, ending the game.


SHIBGAME coin utilized seven protocols within the ‘Smart’ contract code. The seven distinct features enable the coin to withstand any fluctuations. Furthermore, they make SHIBGAME a lucrative option in the crypto space. Every purchasing transaction faces a 7% taxation, divided in equal percentages;

  • Cryptocurrency survival tournaments
  • Reflection
  • Burn
  • Lottery
  • Auto-liquidity
  • Buyback
  • Marketing and development

With the reflection feature, individuals can increase their returns automatically through SHIBGAME token holding. Any token holder receives 1% of each transaction. Moreover, holders get free tokens whenever someone sells or buys a SHIBGAME coin.

The lottery fee (1%) offers additional coins to randomly picked SHIBGAME buyers. The platform takes 1% from every transaction and stores it in a lottery pot in the ‘smart’ contract. A dice with 1 – 100 numbers roll whenever an individual purchases the token. Buyers receive rewards in additional coins when they hit 100.

The burning feature takes the tokens out of the circulating supply on each trade. The functionality takes 1% of every transaction and burns it. That means your coin’s value increases. With that, SHIBGAME can be a lucrative investment opportunity for long-term participants.

The contract gathers the buyback fee and sells it into BNB for later buyback tokens. The platform burns the bought coins automatically. That increases SHIBGAME’s price. Meanwhile, the auto-liquidity functionality increases SHIBGAME liquidity automatically. That is through placing 1% of every transaction in the liquidity pool.

The marketing & development protocols aim to fund the gaming project. The ‘smart’ contract feature takes 1% of every transaction and sells it in Binance Coin. That allows sending it to the wallet automatically.

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