April 14, 2024

Securiti Opens Control Center For AI-based Cloud Data Security

Securiti, an AI (artificial intelligence) data privacy provider, has launched a unified data security platform. This platform will function as a Data Control Center providing cloud data security. Also, Securiti stated that it has released its DataControls Cloud. 

The Issue Of Cloud Data Protection 

Recently, data protection has become a major issue among top firms such as Google, Meta, and Sephora. These high-profile firms have lost millions to data protection lawsuits and fines in the past month.

This fine goes to show that regulators do not take the issue of data protection lightly. However, several firms continue to face non-compliance fines.

This is due to how difficult it is to manage complex data. Meanwhile, companies are now adopting AI technology to help manage and secure user data.

Securiti’s latest project helps organizations to identify unstructured and structured data in the cloud. This tool uses advanced AI technology and also generates insights automatically. 

These insights allow for proper data evaluation. It also highlights which entity each piece of data belongs to. 

With the security firm’s DataControls Cloud, enterprises can quickly identify all exposed data. The system can scan the data available on various private and public clouds while providing security. 

Rehan Jalil, Securiti’s CEO, stated that data is spreading across multi-cloud and hybrid infrastructure silos. Therefore, organizations must ensure they have proper data governance, privacy, compliance, and security across different cloud environments. 

Securiti Provides A Unified System For Data Protection 

Jalil added that its DataControls Cloud does not evaluate data in silos. Evaluating data in silos is examining them across governance/security/privacy and clouds.

Instead, the company’s DataControls Cloud allows organizations to embrace a unified data control system. The CEO stated that this tool provides access to all silos in one location.

One major problem with managing a large amount of data is that most organizations do not have total control over them. Peiter Zatko, an ex-CISO at Twitter, argued that most entities know little about their information.

Also, they do not know much about the origin of the data and the location. These factors make it difficult for them to protect the data.

In 2019, researchers stated that the data protection industry was valued at over $77.3 million. Furthermore, they estimated that the market will grow to $257.5 million in 2027. 

This growth is due to the increase in user data protection in organizations. Their failure to do so could lead to non-compliance fines from regulators. 

Meanwhile, Securiti’s primary competitor in the industry, OneTrust, raised over $210 million in 2021. OneTrust offers a data and privacy governance cloud which uses AI to highlight at-risk data.

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