April 14, 2024

Saudi Arabia Partners With IBM To Drive Sustainability Using AI

The SDAIA (Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority and IBM) have partnered to drive sustainability using AI (artificial intelligence) in Saudi Arabia. Both entities will use AI technology to reduce the country’s carbon footprint. 

Saudi Arabia Turns To AI Technology To Reduce Carbon Emissions 

The SDAIA made this announcement at its Global AI summit. Under this agreement, IBM and SDAIA will work with Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Energy. 

The three entities will work on how to use AI technology to assess, detect, map and reduce carbon emissions in the country. Majid Al-Tuwaijri, National Center for AI’s CEO, said the deal with IBM would create various opportunities for Saudi Arabia. 

The agreement will help the country to address major challenges in carbon emissions and industrial and petrochemical domains. This will be done using innovative solutions such as AI and data technology.

Also, Al-Tuwaijri said the three entities will share investment opportunities and experiences to help achieve Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. Ahmed Al-Zahrani, the assistant minister for development and excellence at the Ministry of Energy, said IBM has great expertise in AI technology. 

Al-Zahrani added that the Ministry would utilize this knowledge to drive sustainability in its operations. This expertise will also play a major role in helping Saudi Arabia achieve a Circular Carbon Economy.

IBM To Identify Various Use Cases Of Machine Learning And AI Tech

Furthermore, the agreement states that IBM will partner with the SDAIA to highlight high-value use cases of machine learning and AI. The aim is to solve the challenges of organizations in the private and public sectors of the country.

The main focus is to support the country’s industrialization and sustainability objectives. Dina Abo-Onoq, an executive at IBM Consulting Saudi Arabia, said managing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is paramount if the Kingdom should attain net zero emissions.

“By using various satellites and imaging technologies, IBM will develop an AI model with would detect and reveal various types of has emissions in the country. Also, this would provide a better vision of the issue which was unavailable using conventional measurement techniques,” Abo-Onoq added.

Presently, the country is implementing a transformation program across different sectors of its economy. The program aims to make Saudi Arabia a global industrial powerhouse and logistics hub.

Additionally, Saudi Arabia has a target to attain zero emissions by 2060. It also plans to support other nations in reducing emissions.

Therefore, it is designing new infrastructures and cities like the NEOM with sustainability in mind. It believes such initiatives will help it achieve sustainability. 

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