April 14, 2024

Samsung Introduces Clinical AI-based Solutions At ISUOG 2022

Samsung Medison, an affiliate of electronics giant Samsung, will be at the International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynecology (ISUOG) Congress holding from September 16th to 18th. The company will showcase some of its latest AI technology at the London event. 

Samsung Medison To Showcase Clinical AI-based Solutions At The ISUOG 2022

According to the company’s website, Samsung will display the clinical AI-based technologies and diagnostic solutions it has developed.  At the seminar, Samsung will display its technologies on September 18th. 

Also, the conference will be held online with the topic “Advanced AI and Remote Diagnosis Solutions from Samsung.” In addition, French professor Julien Stirnemann will present research findings on two AI diagnostics systems.

They include the HeartAssist™ (the device enhances workflow when assessing a deal heat) and the BiometryAssist™ (it measures the condition and growth of the fetus.

Additionally, Prof Antonia Testa, a doctor from Italy, will demonstrate to the audience how to use SonoSync. SonoSync is a real-time image-sharing ultrasound system. 

She will illustrate the ease and advantages of picture exchange as feedback by using a HERA W10 equipment at Gemelli Hospital, Italy, from the ISUOG location in London.

According to Testa, this part of the symposium will be a live demonstration. The doctor will perform the scan for a patient, interact with the patient and take other measurements remotely from London. 

Using SonoSyncTM, this innovation in the ultrasound field makes telesonography a possibility. Testa said she finds Samsung’s innovative technology and ultrasonic advancements in recent years pretty amazing.

Samsung Medison Revolutionizing Health Technology 

Furthermore, Samsung will present four Hospitality Suite events with presentations and live demos for guests to witness highly efficient diagnostic solutions like MV-FlowTM, which is utilized to see the sluggish movement of microvascular systems and the presence of micro blood-flow.

Using ISUOG’s digital platform, Samsung will provide online lectures six times throughout the scientific event. Samsung will exhibit its HERA W10 high ultrasound equipment for gynecology and obstetrics. 

The HERA W10 system contains Intelligent Assist that may be employed in various medical specialties and AI clinical solutions of the highest quality. The machine also has V7 and V8 ultrasound systems. 

The “V” stands for “Versatile,” indicating that this method may be employed in various medical specialties, including radiography, orthopedics, obstetrics, gynecology, cardiology, and others. In addition, the V7 incorporates solutions often seen in premium systems.

Kyu Tae Yoo, The senior VP of Samsung Medison, acknowledged this as a great improvement by the company. The VP said this would benefit hospitals and clinical facilities across the world.

Kyu Tae Yoo added that the firm would continue to offer more diagnostic solutions in the future. 

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