October 3, 2023

Samsung And Google Partner To Elevate Smart Home Experience

Today, Samsung stated that it had expanded its partnership with Google. The expansion aims to make smart home usage and interoperability easier for users. 

Partnership To Expand Smart Home Functions 

In a few months, Samsung tablet and Galaxy phones users will be allowed to onboard more Matter-compatible devices to the ecosystems of Google Home and SmartThings. Also, controlling these devices will be much easier using their mobile devices.

Meanwhile, the collaboration will deliver extended multi-admin features to the market. This will foster increased flexibility between smart home platforms and simplicity for existing and new Google and Samsung consumers.

Previously smart home users have had difficulties using their gadgets across several ecosystems. Linking devices across ecosystems sometimes required several steps and different accounts, which did not always work.

As a result, this required users to memorize which applications and platforms they could use to manage or configure a certain device. The multi-admin functionalities of the Matter standard lay the groundwork for linking devices directly to numerous apps and ecosystems.

Also, it provides customers with choices and greater flexibility. Google and Samsung are expanding on multi-admin, letting users search, connect, and operate Matter-enabled devices via the Google Home or SmartThings applications.

In the SmartThings application, users will see all the Matter devices that are compatible with Google Home. Afterward, they can choose to onboard them to SmartThings.

In addition, users can also control the smart home using the Google Nest Hub or SmartThings app. Users do not have to add each device manually one by one.

Multi-admin Functionality To Improve User Experience 

Jaeyeon Jung, Head of Mobile eXperience Business, SmartThings at Samsung, said Samsung respects its close relationship with Google.

“Increasing user freedom with this new multi-admin functionality is a logical development in our journey as collaborators. This will enable us to better service our existing and future user base with both Google and Samsung devices,” Jung added.

Furthermore, the Samsung executive said both Google and SmartThings are dedicated to offering users the ability to operate their own devices. Hence, this partnership strengthens that commitment by improving user interaction and increasing ecosystem openness.

Matthew McCullough, Google’s VP for Product Management, stated that the introduction of Matter would unveil new opportunities in smart home connectivity. He added that the firm is happy to collaborate with Samsung.

This partnership would allow both entities to provide existing and new smart home users with good experiences. They will have a glimpse of what a smart home will look like in the future. 

Google and Samsung’s Matter multi-admin function will be released soon. For more info about SmartThings, users can check the company’s website.

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