September 24, 2023

Quantum Computing – Best Quantum Applications Used in Everyday Life You Should Know About

Quantum computing aims to solve complex problems, which classical computers cannot. It has exponential growth in computing power. The advancement of quantum computing offers several opportunities across all aspects of modern living. Quantum supremacy’s achievement becomes significant, especially when its computers carry out impossible tasks for conventional computers. Here are the best quantum computing applications used in the real-time scenario.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

As emerging technologies seem to have penetrated nearly all aspects of everyday life, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are some prominent areas. Some of the widespread everyday applications include an image, in-voice, and handwriting recognition. The increasing number of applications has become a challenging task for traditional computers to meet the required speed and accuracy. It is where quantum computing helps in processing complex problems in almost no time.

Computing Chemistry

Quantum computing applications may have a promising future in computational chemistry. It is usually hard for conventional computing memory to process even the least of a molecule because of a vast number of quantum states. Quantum computing focuses on the existence of 1 and 0 simultaneously to offer enormous power to the machine to map the molecules for pharmaceutical research. Quantum computing can improve the nitrogen-fixation process to remove carbon dioxide for a better climate, create ammonia-based fertilizer, and create solid-state batteries.

Drug Design & Development

Drug companies develop drugs through the expensive method of trial & error, which is a risky and challenging task to execute. According to the research, quantum computing is an effective approach to understanding the drugs and their reactions to patients. It can save help drug companies save lots of money and time. The advancements in computing allow drug companies to carry out more unearthing to determine new medical treatments and enhance efficiency for a better pharmaceutical experience.

Cyber-security & Cryptography

Cyber security has long been vulnerable because of increasing cyber-attacks across the world. While businesses establish the necessary security framework on their premises, it is often a daunting and impractical process for traditional digital computers. Accordingly, cyber security continues to be a primary concern everywhere. Owing to increasing dependency on digitalization, it is becoming even more vulnerable to these threats. Quantum computing with ML facilitates the development of numerous techniques to fight these cyber security threats. Quantum computing also comes in handy in making encryption methods, such as quantum cryptography.

Financial Modeling

The finance industry needs to find the right blend of lucrative investments for the desired returns. Keeping the associated risks and other market factors is crucial for the industry to survive. They run the Monte Carlo stimulations-based techniques through enormous computing time on conventional computers to achieve that. Businesses can use quantum technology to perform these gigantic and complex calculations to enhance the solution quality and reduce development time. Since the financial industry deals with billions of dollars, even a significant enhancement is worth it for them. Another potential application is algorithmic trading which involves machines using complex algorithms to trigger share dealings. It helps analyze the market variables for high-volume transactions.

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