April 14, 2024

Price Analysis of LoopNetwork (LOOP), QuiverX (QRX), and Duel Network (DUEL)

In today’s cryptocurrency market report, LoopNetwork, QuiverX, and Duel Network have demonstrated high performances. Due to their strong market prowess, they have earned the spotlight against all major cryptocurrencies. Let us go through their performance analysis to see exactly why they are currently under the spotlight.

LoopNetwork (LOOP)

LoopNetwork’s value has constantly been shooting up to newer heights in the past 24-hours. At the moment, there is no indication of the investors slowing down, as they are buying LoopNetwork like hotcakes.

This has resulted in forming an 89.50% rally that has elevated the value of LoopNetwork to $0.005614 per LOOP. The trading volume for LoopNetwork has also witnessed a 36.63% elevation, which has pushed it up to $107,895.

The recent elevation in the value of LoopNetwork has been increasing the motivation of positive investors. They seem fearless against the bears and are not worried about the strong selling sprees at all.

With such courage and motivation, the bulls may continue going for higher gains for LoopNetwork. If the rallies keep getting stronger, LoopNetwork may soon enter the resistance zone.

In the resistance zone, the bulls may need to work harder against the bears. If the bulls win, the reward would be in the form of high milestone achievements. The first achievement for the bulls is expected to be at $0.008126 per LOOP.

As the bulls keep going for higher gains, LoopNetwork may become pricier, going up to $0.009944, followed by another elevation to $0.01105 per LOOP.

QuiverX (QRX)

QuiverX is also following the same footsteps as LoopNetwork as its value has also elevated at a high rate in the past 24-hours. QuiverX has experienced an 81.35% surge, bringing its unit price up to $0.01770 per QRX. As the investors keep taking money out of their wallets and acquiring more QuiverX, then its price may surge to $0.02490 per QRX.

So far, the buying power of the investors has increased the trading volume for QuiverX by 111.39%. If the investors keep going for higher gains of QuiverX, its price may rise to $0.02996 per QRX.

If the investors acquire more QuiverX and the bears fail to show any kind of aggression against them, then QuiverX’s value may surge to $0.03301 per QRX.

Duel Network (DUEL)

Duel Network buyers have also gone for higher gains for DUEL in the past 24-hours, which has formed a 77.09% rally. At the moment, the trading value of the DUEL/USDT pair is worth $0.1394 per DUEL.

As the momentum keeps increasing in favor of Duel Network, its value may continue rising. The first milestone DUEL may hit would be $0.1931 per DUEL. With more buying power, the price of Duel Network may elevate to $0.2303 per DUEL.

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