September 24, 2023

Price Analysis of (Grimace), Slushie Capital (SLUSH), and MetaPay (METAPAY)

As the crypto-verse is in the rebound state from a long bearish trend, several developers have found it to be the best time to launch their protocols. This behavior has been proven right by the launch of cryptocurrencies such as, Slushie Capital, and MetaPay.

Despite being launched into the crypto-verse recently, these cryptocurrencies have demonstrated extremely high rallies in the past 24-hours. As the rallies are directly proportional to gains, therefore, the investors are definitely generating really high gains.

Among the three cryptocurrencies, has definitely proven to be on top of its game. It has reportedly demonstrated a 1315.26% rally in the past 24-hours, bringing its unit price up to $0.00000005206 per Grimace.

If the strong rallies persist in favor of, then it would eventually end up reaching its first strong resistance mark ($0.0000002915). This would be a huge elevation that investors would witness if the rally continues.

If the motivation and investments of the bulls do not fade away, then its price may rise up to $0.000003543. This would boost the morale of the investors and swell its price to $0.00003597 per Grimace.

For Slushie Capital (SLUSH), the 24-hour growth rate has been 1095.10%, bringing its unit price up to $0.0000001533 per SLUSH. If the investors keep contributing with their buying power, they will be able to push Slushie Capital’s price much higher than the current value.

Although it is obvious that the growth rate may soon start fading away, Slushie Capital may still be able to grow up to $0.000001832 in near future.

Once Slushie Capital hits its first strong resistance mark ($0.000001832) and manages to take things to the next level, it would eventually hit $0.00001823.

Then the next mark would be in sight of Slushie Capital bulls, who alongside the investors will be able to take it up to $0.0001449 per SLUSH.

MetaPay (METAPAY) is also among the high gainers as it has demonstrated gains closer to that of Slushie Capital. The price of MetaPay has observed a 1037.66% surge in the past 24-hours.

The price of MetaPay is currently hovering around a figure worth $0.00001969 per METAPAY. If the investors’ sentiments remain high, then the price of MetaPay may continue elevating. This would push the price of MetaPay up to its first strong resistance mark ($0.00001969).

The investors would continue increasing their buying power to push MetaPay up to its second strong resistance mark ($0.002100). As the overall crypto market remains bullish, the price of MetaPay may continue elevating. If the investors increase their investments in favor of MetaPay, its price may grow up to the third strong resistance mark ($0.0154).

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