September 24, 2023

Price Analysis of Dinoland (DNL) and Lucky Block (LBLOCK)

Although new in the cryptocurrency market, Dinoland (DNL) seems to be marking its presence within the cryptocurrency. In the past 24-hours, Dinoland has reportedly grown up to $0.2512 per DNL, which was after observing a 114.66% rally.

At the time of its launch on February 9, 2022, the price of Dinoland was exhibiting a figure worth $0.11 per DNL. As the 24h window passed, the price of Dinoland has grown up to the currently observed figure.

If the price of Dinoland is close to the current surge rate, then the investors may grow bullish for Dinoland. This would trigger even stronger rallies where the investors would want to accumulate as many Dinoland as possible.

This would help push the price of Dinoland up to a price figure of $0.5392 per DNL. This would be a huge achievement for Dinoland but it won’t prove to be the peak price for Dinoland. In the upcoming days, the price of Dinoland may grow even higher.

Given the current analysis, the price of Dinoland may be destined to hit another high price of $0.9514 per DNL in the upcoming days. If that happens, then Dinoland would be in control of the bulls and they may succeed in pushing its price up to $1.43 per DNL.

Then there are negative predictions for Dinoland that suggest that the investors may soon lose their interest in Dinoland. It would be because the charm of Dinoland being a new cryptocurrency may die down soon, and the investors may move on.

If that happens, then a huge plunge would be observed in the price of Dinoland. It is being expected that the first plunge would bring Dinoland’s price down to $0.1256 per DNL. If that happens, then the bears may also start fearing for huge losses and that may trigger high selling activity.

This would eventually result in pushing the price of Dinoland further down another low point. For the time being, the low point being predicted for Dinoland is worth $0.09420.

With the passage of time, if the selling for Dinoland intensifies, then the price of Dinoland may get plunged to $0.08007.

Then there is Lucky Block (LBLOCK) which is also moving in a positive direction, showing a promising uptrend. For now, the price of Lucky Block is exhibiting a figure of $0.00505 per LBLOCK, after a strong 106.38% rally.

If the rally continues, then the price of Lucky Block may manage to grow up to its first strong resistance mark ($0.01031).

Then the price of Lucky Block may move forward with the help of the bulls and positive investors, bringing its price up to $0.01763 per LBLOCK. If the confidence level of the investors rises and they pour in more cash, then Lucky Block my hit $0.02597.

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