September 24, 2023

Opera Browser Reveals Plan To Integrate Elrond Blockchain 

Opera, the famous Web3 browser with over 300 million customers, has revealed its intention to adopt the Elrond blockchain solutions. This would allow its users to access DApps and popular services using the Opera wallet.

Opera Makes DApps Available To Users With Elrond Integration 

According to Opera’s blog post, this integration is part of its plan to make web3 products accessible to its users. Meanwhile, Elrond is a highly scalable blockchain.

The blockchain provides various infrastructure services for decentralized applications (DApps) and the emerging Internet economy. It also has various use cases for businesses.

Additionally, the blockchain is among the fastest and most efficient networks in the blockchain industry. This is due to its adaptive capabilities.

Opera’s latest integration will allow its users to utilize the Elrond blockchain. Also, they will have access to EGLD tokens and the Elrond Standard Digital Token.

Furthermore, this will make Opera a good entry point for Web3 technology. Users will no longer have to depend on their part wallets before accessing Web3 products.

The report added that this integration would allow more frictionless and secure transactions. Opera is currently pursuing a multichain strategy.

Before now, Opera had incorporated various blockchains such as BNB Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, and Bitcoin. He stated that the firm’s main purpose is to provide crypto loves a safe entrance into the web3 sector.

Opera Adds Secure Clipboard To Protect Users’ Personal Data

“In addition, we have added a wallet selector function on our platform. This will give Opera users various wallets when accessing decentralized apps. They will have various wallets to choose from with will offer more flexibility for users,” Yao added.

Also, the Opera browser’s inbuilt non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet makes it a suitable entry point for web3 users. It will provide them access to various blockchain systems from one entry point.

Furthermore, Yao also talked about the various vulnerabilities facing DApps. He mentioned how the company hopes to navigate through them. 

According to Yao, the company has included a wallet selector. This feature will allow users to choose the wallet they wish to use when interacting with DApps. 

In addition, the company has created a secure clipboard to protect the data of users as they copy and paste sensitive data on DApps. Some of these sensitive data include account numbers and wallet addresses.

Meanwhile, Elrond is among the first blockchains in Europe to go carbon negative. This will ensure that Opera users utilize eco-friendly solutions when accessing web3 services.

Besides, environmental safety has become a major issue recently due to the rise of Web3 technologies. Therefore, blockchain firms are adopting sustainable energy practices for their operations.

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