September 24, 2023

OnAsset And Unilode Deploy Aerial IoT Network On Digital ULDs

OnAsset Intelligence and Unilode Aviation Solutions have announced a significant improvement to their network. According to the company, the new feature will allow airports to monitor aircraft while they are in flight.

Unilode Adds In-flight Monitoring Function To Its ULD 

Unilode has expanded its network of digitally equipped ULDs (unit load devices) to incorporate in-flight monitoring functionalities. The firm has over 120,000 electronic ULDs that are based on OnAsset Intelligence’s ‘SENTRY IoT’ gateways.

These ULDs are found at service stations, airports, vehicles, and freight warehouses. The latest IoT network will provide more information for airplanes and the airport.

According to Adam Crossno, CEO of OnAsset Intelligence, most supply chains are linked. Hence, Unilode is working to ensure such functionality in the aviation supply chain.

“Enhancing real-time vision to the airplane, during ground and flight operations, is a major breakthrough. This is because we can now deliver essential operational awareness almost instantly,” Crossno added.

Before now, it was not possible to provide status, chain-of-custody, and location insight across all facets of the airline supply chain. The CEO stated that the company has been working on the project for decades.

Crossno noted that such a system needs a strong network, which is what Unilode has provided. The new Solutions allow for full cargo tracking, tracking of group support equipment, and third-party devices.

Unilode To Help Airlines Save Cost And Increase Revenue 

Furthermore, the company will be able to provide airports with insight into every stage of their supply chain. Ross Marino, CEO of Unilode, said the company is happy to update its ULD to the latest SENTRY 600 gateway.

Marino added that the goal of the firm is to enhance data collection, boost asset availability, and improve airport operations. It also aims to help airlines increase their revenue, minimize costs, and do away with ULDs that are inefficient and expensive.

Meanwhile, the SENTRY 600 is the most functional IoT gateway globally. It has various features and capabilities. 

The SENTRY 600 has a full sensor suite, GPS, cellular, WiFi, LoRa connectivity, and Bluetooth. In addition, it has a keyboard and e-paper screen. 

The gadget can collect several sensor tags in one scan cycle. This opens the aviation sector to a new digital age where cargo and assets are connected digitally. 

Presently, the SENTRY 600 is the only gadget that meets aviation standards for airplane installation standards. It also features OnAsset’s patented FlightSafe® technology and a rechargeable battery.

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