April 14, 2024

Norton Research Focuses On Metaverse Safety For Gamers

Norton has developed a reference guide to assist Kiwi users in staying safe when gaming in the virtual world. It discusses some essential online gaming safety precautions.

Norton Advises Gamers To Be Cautious In The Metaverse 

Norton asserts that although the metaverse is viewed by many as the future of gaming, several unwarranted issues might arise. Hence, gamers must be mindful of how fraudsters and criminals can dupe them in the virtual space.

The study emphasizes that gaming can pose major privacy and security threats owing to the millions of individual data points available in technologies like virtual reality gaming.

It also mentions that gameplay in the metaverse might have negative mental health consequences. For one, abuse of digital technology is frequently related to adverse mental health effects such as sadness and anxiety. 

Furthermore, the study outlined four cybersecurity pieces of advice for metaverse gamers. Since metaverse gaming includes the usage of private data, Norton believes it is critical to take necessary cybersecurity safeguards. 

The research institute believes that users can have fun while being safe. All they have to do is have good cyber hygiene. 

Strong passwords to safeguard personal information are the greatest line of defense in data security. According to research, hackers may attempt to sneak into gaming accounts using password spraying or credential stuffing methods. 

This entails trying the personal details of the individual as the possible password. Hence, personal details like date of birth or name are not advisable. 

Norton Warns About NFT Frauds

Norton recommends using complex passwords and updating them regularly to circumvent this. Another major part of the metaverse is NFTs. Norton argues that it is critical to conduct proper research before transacting NFTs on the metaverse. 

According to the research institute, blockchain technology is fairly new to most users. As a result, they do not know much about them. Therefore, hackers can capitalize on this to defraud unsuspecting gamers through NFT frauds.

Other studies reveal that over 40% of gamers polled freely provide their info on gaming websites. This can be dangerous since it allows hackers to access their accounts.

To avoid this, Norton recommends that players protect their details. Also, they should only use them on authorized websites that are registered. In addition, the guideline also advised the use of antivirus software to keep players’ internet connections secure.

Norton recommends that people use reputable security software to secure their devices. This extra layer of security helps keep devices safe from malware and viruses. 

Also, players can focus on the game instead of worrying about their security since they know their details are safe.

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