September 24, 2023

Nokia And Vodafone NZ To Explore Uses Of 5G-Advanced And 6G

Nokia and Vodafone’s New Zealand entity has signed a new partnership to develop new use cases underpinned by 5G technology. The agreement also contains a plan for both entities to explore 6G technology.

Nokia Signs MoU With New Zealand 

Nokia has revealed that it has appended an innovation-driven MoU with Vodafone NZ. The partnership aims to develop new uses and applications supported by Nokia’s advanced network technology. 

Meanwhile, this agreement is coming as both companies celebrate their 30 years of partnership. The recent agreement will help to accelerate the use of Vodafone’s 5G network.

In the future, the corporations will also investigate the possibilities presented by 5G-Advanced and 6G networks. Both corporations will combine their resources in field trials, demos, and technology validation.

These steps will help advance innovation, unveiling commercial opportunities. Additionally, it will reveal use cases for mobile network tech in AI, machine learning, Edge computing, and industrial innovation. 

Besides, this collaboration will ensure New Zealand remains a global leader in advanced technology. 

Tommi Uitto, Nokia’s President of Mobile Networks, said Nokia has been in New Zealand for over 30 years. Also, the company has brought innovative mobile technology to the people. 

Recently, Nokia helped Vodafone to offer high-class 5G connectivity in the country. Uitto said the recent partnership would open new grounds for 5G-Advanced studies and also 6G.

New Zealand, A Good Location For Innovation 

Uitto acknowledged that New Zealand’s telecommunications environment is growing immensely. This makes the nation a good location for innovative technologies. This innovation will ultimately lead to advanced services, connectivity, and digital transformation. 

Tony Baird, the Director of Wholesale and Infrastructure at Vodafone NZ, said the company is happy about the recent agreement. The director said Vodafone helps users to uncover the usefulness of technology. 

However, these users need reliable and fast connectivity to enjoy these services. As a result, Vodafone has invested in its 5G and 4G networks.

Moreover, the recent innovative partnership with Nokia will help develop 4G/5G applications. Baird said the firm’s focus on innovation, expertise, and leading technology has helped several businesses in New Zealand. 

Currently, they have come to realize the benefits of advanced mobile networks. However, the Vodafone executive said the firm is working towards new applications for 6G.

Meanwhile, Nokia is committed to providing optimum network services for its users. From its website, Nokia is dedicated to becoming an industry leader in technology and innovation across all network types, including cloud, mobile, and fixed. 

Nokia Bell Labs handles the company’s research endeavors. Further, the company has promised to keep contributing to a sustainable, inclusive, productive, and secure future.

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