September 24, 2023

Multiverse Computing and Mila Form Alliance to Advance AI and ML Using Quantum Technology

Multiverse computing and Mila recently established a partnership to develop ML and AI. The two firms will use quantum computing and related technology to achieve this.

The alliance will also concentrate on the following areas:

  • Developing leaders in the high-tech industries of ML and Quantum Computing.
  • Advancing Biotechnology, Agricultural techs, and Pharmaceutical firms.
  • Other companies sharing Quantum use case and with a focus on advancing products

Overview of the Alliance

A European company Multiverse Computing allied with Mila, an academic research institute. The alliance centered on advancing Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. Metaverse and Mila would execute the plan at every level of the alliance.

Mila is one of the primary centers of scientific innovation in Montreal. The institute has over 1000 researchers who are experts in Artificial intelligence and machine language. They have connections with business partners in diverse industries, including industry 4.0.

Mila works for Agritech, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical industries, and other sectors. This alliance will enable Multiverse to work actively with Mila’s community. The institute‘s students and qualified researchers will be used during the period of the alliance.

Multiverse Computing CEO Enrique Lizaso Olmos said the alliance would render quantum ML. Also, Quantum related activities will be given to Mila researchers and students.

He said, “The company has started discussions with biotechnology and Pharmaceutical firms. In addition, other firms that share quantum use cases will be integrated into the initiative. The discussion centered on ways of developing their products through the help of modern technology.”

Why Did The Two Companies Form An Alliance?

There are various reasons why the two companies are allied. The major reason is to advance the course of AI and ML. Tensor networks from Multiverse and industrial knowledge from Mila will support the project.

The alliance seeks to approximate a high-order tensor with a network of lower-order. The main goal is to reduce the number of trainable parameters. The method increased the efficiency and accuracy of training ML models using quantum physics.

Mila and Multiverse computing have similar perspectives on quantum ethics and regulations. The Multiverse Ethics Committee contributed to the development of the organization’s culture and vision. The firm aims to promote a moral workplace that respects diversity and sustainability.

In addition, Mila’s goal is to create Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is useful and socially responsible. As a market leader, the company develops applications and software to benefit society.

Many Mila researchers have participated in projects to enhance an ethical framework for Artificial Intelligence. They developed software as an international observatory on the societal value of AI and digital technologies.

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