April 14, 2024

MTN Introduces 5G Network In Lagos, Targets 6 Other Cities


On September 18th, the telecom giant MTN Nigeria Plc launched 5G connectivity in Lagos. Also, the telecom giant promised to launch the services in other cities such as Ibadan, Kano, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Maiduguri, and Owerri.

MTN Begins Commercial 5G Deployment In Lagos

The commercial 5G launch in Lagos comes after MTN conducted a 5G pilot project last month. This was part of the mandate given by the regular of Nigeria’s telecom industry, the NCC (Nigerian Communications Commission).

When MTN conducted the pilot launch, it told users it would begin its 5G service in Lagos. Afterward, it would spread the service to six other cities with plans for more expansion in the future. 

Speaking yesterday, Karl Toriola, the CEO of MTN, stated that this event is part of its earlier promise to begin the 5G commercial rollout.

The latest 5G tech promised to expand the tech of MTN’s data network in the country. It would also provide faster speed and low latency to users.

As a result, subscribers could access and download information in mere seconds. As stated by MTN, clients would require suitable devices to access the 5G network and take advantage of its features. 

Examples of these suitable devices are compatible mobile phones and routers. The telecom giant stated that users can pre-order these devices from authorized MTN stores online using the company’s website or an e-marketplace. 

5G Deployment To Accelerate Nigeria’s Digital Economy 

In addition, users can pick up these gadgets or have them delivered to a specified location. On August 24th, MTN rolled it its 5G technology services. This made the telecom giant the first to do so in Nigeria.

Also, it demonstrated the company’s readiness to offer the best 5G services to Nigerians. Following the launch, MTN Nigeria initiated a public 5G experiment in the run-up to the debut of the company’s commercial service.

Meanwhile, MTN was among the two winners of the 5G license auction in Nigeria. As per a GSMA Intelligence report dubbed ‘The Mobile Economy,’ the spectrum the NCC offered to MTN holds great potential for technological development in Nigeria.

Additionally, the report predicts that MTN’s technology will contribute over $2.2 trillion to Nigeria’s global economy and development by 2034.

Furthermore, the government predicted that the arrival of 5G would quicken some of its digital targets. This includes the National Digital Economy Policy and Strategy, the Nigerian National Broadband Plan, and other policies. 

All these policies are meant to accelerate digital transformation in Nigeria. Nigeria will join a small group of African nations that have launched commercial 5G networks, owing to MTN’s use of Africa’s biggest 5G spectrum.

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