September 24, 2023

Making Much Sense Of Water Consumption Using The Internet Of Things

The Internet-of-Things (IoT) is propelling radical new technologies and converting ancient traditions into skilled ones. From January to April, an SMU-X module called “Internet-of-Things: Technique and Apps” provides learners with cutting-edge Internet-of-Things innovations, allowing them to fully comprehend pragmatic IoT systems and implement important applications.

As a section of the training, a bunch of students worked on projects named “WaterSense,” which has been supported by Code For Singapore, which is part of the international network Code For The all, which is an international group of tech institutions that create change to produce approaches to various challenges.

As per the Natural Resources Defense Council, Singapore, together with six other states, will be among the lot water-stressed in the world by 2040.

A team of Year 3 students from the School of Computer science And information Processes, Angela Lorenza Tjandra, Li Yifan, Koh Kian Kiat, and Lee-Sean Ji, Year 4, was given the task with both the issue of spreading awareness regarding water consumption habits and encourage environmental water usage. They were tasked with developing a smart method that delivers real-time water usage data as well as a comprehensive analysis of the usage of water.

WaterSense, a concept that can be directly attached to something like a house’s water taps and flushes, was their remedy. A flow of water sensor is used in the prototype to measure the rate of flow and quantity of water from the water tap, which will then be sent off to the microcontroller. The data is transformed and saved in the database by the domain controller at the backend.

Users can view utilization by day, week, and month, as well as utilization by discharge port and an outline of the utilities spending plan. Multiple users can join up for a society dashboard, in which they can start comparing their water usage to those of other customers on the scoreboard and be energized to decrease their individual usage of water. It will help all the onboard users to minimize their water wastage habits. Customized suggestions can be made to assist users in optimizing their water consumption habits.

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