October 3, 2023

Huawei Deploys Latest 5G Massive MIMO In The Philippines


Huawei has selected the Philippines as the first major beneficiary of its industrial rollout of the third generation 5G Massive MIMO technology. The Philippines is the first country outside China to enjoy this service.

Huawei’s MIMO To Increase Download And Upload Speed By 35%

Companies like Huawei are working on next-generation innovative tech like multi-antenna, ultra-wideband, large antenna arrays. These technologies can improve energy efficiency and assist operators in building future-oriented, high-performance, green, and simplified 5G networks.

According to Huawei, the huge MIMO tech installed in the Philippines will significantly increase the speeds for downloading and uploading by 35%. Moreover, the Philippines is the first significant nation to which Huawei is expanding its services.

This is coming after the Chinese technology firm decided to launch its technology in other countries. Hence, it will deploy its 3rd-generation 5G massive MIMO service outside China.

The manufacturer stated that the most important component in the 3rd-generation 5G RAN series is the MetaAAU. The MetaAAU marks an essential step in developing the 5G network.

Also, the MetaAAUs that Huawei created represents the third iteration of the 5G AAU. This generation is different from the AAU in the last generations.

This AAU can double the scale of the arrays because of the latest extreme-large antenna array (ELAA) architecture developed by Huawei. This innovation would expand coverage since the channel beams are now smaller.

Therefore, energy usage has become concentrated. MetaAAU is responsible for bringing 5.5G technology to 5G systems. It exemplifies an important route for the growth of 5G networks. 

Huawei Believes This Technology Will Attract Users

Furthermore, the manufacturer said the 3.5 GHz MetaAAUs installed in the Philippines would increase the uploading and downloading speeds by about 35%. In addition, it will expand the transmission roadie by over 30%. 

Huawei asserts that the latest development will attract more customers. The firm said more people could use 5G services and that overall traffic would grow by 37%.

Meanwhile, Yang Chaobin, Head of Huawei’s Wireless Solution unit, said multi-antenna, ultra-wideband, and large antenna coverage is important for decreasing energy consumption and decreasing energy consumption.

“We believe that making steady strides toward increasing the efficiency of air interface services is needed. It will benefit the long-term growth of the communications sector in the Philippines.

During a keynote talk at the Huawei Connect event in Thailand, the executive director of Huawei’s board, David Wang, said: “5.5G” is a critical milestone on the route to an intelligent future. 

However, there is no formal 5.5G standard. However, adding “.5G” should that the ecosystem is maturing or growing. 

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