April 14, 2024

Hong Kong’s PolyU Introduces Metaverse Degree Programme

Hong Kong’s Polytechnic University (PolyU) has emerged as the first university to introduce a metaverse postgraduate programme. According to reports, the one-year programme will launch next September. 

PolyU’s Metaverse Programme To Begin In September 2023

Since the inception of the metaverse, several brands and firms have joined the trend. Also, institutions of learning have launched their platforms on the metaverse. 

PolyU’s website revealed that this would be a one-year MSc programme in Metaverse Technology. The degree falls under the computer department in the faculty of engineering. 

Meanwhile, the course will provide students with an understanding of the metaverse. It will also teach them about the underlying technology governing the virtual space. 

The school added that this degree would teach students to foster careers in metaverse development. Perhaps, they could later create metaverse startups that will grow into giant corporations.

The metaverse is a concept that has gained massive attention over the years. The metaverse is an interactive and digital space where users can communicate with one another. 

In this digital world, they exist as an avatar – a digital representation of themselves. Unfortunately, the concept is still at the infant stage. Hence, only a few users have the technology to utilize it.

Furthermore, the metaverse concept has had its fair share of criticism. An institution in Nanjing, China, announced its plan to rename one of its degrees to metaverse engineering. 

Some members of the public saw it as a welcome development. However, others saw it as unnecessary. Moreover, there are some who do not believe in the metaverse. 

Web3 Development In Hong Kong 

Despite the criticisms, Hong Kong universities have accepted the new technology. Most of them are afraid students looking for such programmes could travel abroad.

In September, Hong Kong’s University of Science and Technology (HKUST) announced a Web3 Carnival. This series of online events and discussions will take place until November. 

Wang Yang, HKUST VP, said at the event that Hong Kong would become a gateway to connect China’s virtual economy to the world. He added that the region needs more policies that will attract Web3 talents. 

Yang’s comments follow the recent outcry of the crypto community in Hong Kong. Before now, the city was a major crypto hub in China. 

However, regulatory uncertainties have affected the growth of the sector. This has made it difficult for web3 stakeholders to invest in the city. 

As per US News College Rankings, PolyU is the 4th best university in Hong Kong. The university also plans to kick-start an MSc degree in Blockchain technology next autumn.

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