September 24, 2023

Florida’s Crypto Street Restaurant Servicing Crypto-Themed Menu

A restaurant was recently unveiled in Florida, which has sparked a significant amount of debate because of its crypto-themed menu. Shrimp cocktails and hot dogs are some of the enticing items on the restaurant’s menu. A wide range of products that can be found in the crypto sphere has inspired the menu of the restaurant in question, which includes Bitcoin, Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, and even decentralized finance (DeFi). Named the ‘Crypto Street Restaurant’, it had a grand opening earlier in December where it had disclosed its menu that comprised of numerous crypto-related items.

These offerings on the menu have derived their names from some of the popular terminologies that are used in the crypto industry. The restaurant’s menu is filled with some notable terms used in the crypto world. You will find dishes named SHIBA Shrimp Cocktail, DeFi Caesar Salad, Crypto Cuban, and Dogedog. Furthermore, even the décor of the restaurant has also been inspired by cryptocurrencies. The wall art, posters as well as furniture that you will see in the restaurant have been inspired by Satoshi Nakamoto, Dogecoin, and Elon Musk, amongst others. Ricardo Varona is the man behind the restaurant, as he is the one who launched it.

The owner gave an interview to Tampa Bay Times on December 29th in which he said that his son had introduced him to the world of crypto. Varona said that like many, he had been skeptical about the sector initially, but eventually he had endorsed crypto assets and has now opened a restaurant that will accept payments in crypto. Varona said that his restaurant will accept crypto payments in all types of cryptocurrencies, which also includes meme coins and even those that are not very popular in the market. He also revealed that dogedog is his favorite item on his restaurant’s menu. 

Varona elaborated that his plan had been to launch a chain of restaurants that would accept crypto payments. However, the disruptions in the supply chain and financial issues caused by the pandemic had pushed him into introducing a crypto-themed restaurant instead. He said during the interview that he had wanted to do something different and fresh and he kept coming back to crypto. He had decided to cut ties with the franchise, thought of what it would be like to do something new, and introduced Crypto Street. He went on to say that the restaurant had proven to be quite popular amongst the young population up till now. 

However, he added that the older population was also intrigued because they are curious about the crypto space. He said that this has helped in creating conversation. Varona also said that the restaurant was accepting crypto payments through a peer-to-peer or merchant account. When it comes to accepting crypto payments, he said that they had had a few transactions in crypto, even though a lot of people were interested. He also added that some people want to hold crypto in the long-term and others have just sold it, but he said that many understand that using crypto adds value. 

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