September 24, 2023

Etisalat UAE Unveils Edge Cloud Solution And uCPE Services 

Today, NEC Corporation and ADVA announced that Etisalat UAE, the famous telecoms firm, has launched a new product, uCPE (universal customer premises equipment). This product promises to provide various multi-vendor virtual technologies for enterprises in the Middle East.

Etisalat UAE To Offer Different Virtual Technologies On One Platform 

According to reports, Etisalat UAE’s new product used ADVA’s package of Ensemble NFV technologies. Moreover, NEC Corporation is responsible for integrating the system solution. 

Meanwhile, Etisalat UAE is launching various network capabilities on the new platform. The uCPE will provide firms with secure and quick access to the company’s multi-vendor virtual technologies.

As a result, firms can enjoy VNFs (virtual network functions) such as firewalls, SD-WAN, IoT applications, routing, and DDoS prevention. Additionally, business clients of Etisalat UAE can test these services without any risks.

Khaled Murshed, Etisalat UAE’s chief technology and information officer, stated that the company keeps providing businesses with innovative solutions. Also, the organization will continue to examine and adopt advanced technologies.

Murshed said this would help the firm to maintain its cutting-edge telecommunication infrastructure products. According to Murshed, this is the ‘connectivity renaissance’ period. 

Hence, companies have several options to increase value creation and services for customers. He added that the latest uCPE services would provide its clients with tools to foster digitization. 

“Today, Etisalat UAE is providing these virtual technologies solution on one platform. This is made possible due to ADVA’s Ensemble software package and support from NEC,” Murshed added.

Etisalat UAE stated that they have made their business operations more efficient. This efficiency is due to the company’s adoption of hardware resources. 

New uCPE To Increase Creativity And Efficiency In The Middle East 

Additionally, firms in the 16 nations across Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East enjoy the Ensemble Harmony Ecosystem. This ecosystem provides various suites of virtual products.

Major components of the uCPE solution include an Ensemble Connector, Virtualization Director, management and orchestration architecture, and Ensemble Orchestrator. 

Mike Heffner, General Manager of Edge Cloud, ADVA, said the uCPE tool would improve the productivity and agility of governments and enterprises in the digital world. Heffner noted that Etisalat UAE can now offer various virtual technologies on one platform.

According to the General Manager, ADVA’s Ensemble Connector solution will allow Etisalat UAE to move the uCPE to a client’s site. This brings a new degree of creativity and effectiveness to the Middle East, which will be critical to increasing digitalization.”

Furthermore, Hideyuki Ogata, an executive at NEC, stated that the company is happy to partner with Etisalat on its project. Ogata added that business customers of Etisalat UAE have a lot to gain from the uCPE services.

These customers will enjoy easy and quick access to the Internet, security, and voice applications at a low cost. Meanwhile, NEC is Etisalat UAE’s cloud partner and is an open networks provider.

The NEC executive concluded, saying the firm will continue to partner with Etisalat UAE to expand its services across various industries – education, smart cities, e-government, and healthcare. 

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