September 24, 2023

Eros Investments Unveils IMMERSO, A Web3 Metaverse Initiative

Eros Investments, a portfolio of tech and entertainment firms such as Xfinite’s Mzaalo, Eros Media World, and Eros Now, has launched a new project, IMMERSO. IMMERSO is a digital universe where players can build, earn $IMSO, and live.

Eros Launches A Virtual Universe

Eros Investments has unveiled its long-awaited metaverse initiative, IMMERSO. This project is a virtual universe that was imagined using adventure, fantasy and sci-fi. It also offers story, entertainment, and story-driven interactive experiences for users.

Additionally, this would be an immersive universe with 14 Lokas (realms) that will have planets on each realm. IMMERSO offers unique and immersive virtual experiences to users.

The interactions in the metaverse space will help build societies leading the way for digital commerce, entertainment, and socialization. According to Eros Investments, IMMERSO is loaded with wisdom, mystery, sci-fi, and advanced tech, where consumers can create digital experiences. 

Furthermore, $IMSO, an in-world digital currency, will be used for buying and selling on the IMMERSO universe. IMMERSO users can develop avatars that will represent them in the digital space.

This avatar can interact, play games, and engage in activities with other avatars. In addition, virtual assets on IMMERSO will be tokenized as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Users can generate and exchange these NFTs with one another.

With support from Eros Investments, this digital universe will introduce global entertainment into the digital space. The company will partner with creators, content IPs, and celebrities to launch original content on the universe. 

Eros Investments Pursues Web3 And Blockchain Advancement

Meanwhile, the investment firm has been leading the revolution in the blockchain and web3 space. Recently, the firm procured a license from Dubai’s regulator, VARA, to incubate blockchain-based startups.

Now, it has launched a metaverse universe. These are all steps the investment giant is taking to build a web3 ecosystem.

Ridhima Lulla, the founder of IMMERSO, commented on the recent launch. Lulla said the entertainment industry in India had influenced culture across the globe. 

She stated that technology is altering the way humans live. Also, virtual reality is gradually becoming a new life form. Hence, the present generation must pass on their culture to the new world in a way new generations will understand. 

Additionally, Lulla said in the future, augmented and virtual reality will blend the real world into a digital space.

Eros Investments is an enterprise that has holdings in a variety of industries, including sports, blockchain technology, digital commerce, and gaming. Eros Now, Eros Media World, IMMERSO, and Xfinite are some of the firms that are part of its portfolio.

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