September 24, 2023

Energous And NGK To Offer Maintenance-free IoT Applications

Energous Corp, a producer of RF-based chargers for wireless power networks, has entered a new partnership with NGK INSULATORS, a world-leading battery producer. Both firms will combine their solutions to offer maintenance-free IoT gadgets.

Energous To Promote The Use of IoT Devices 

As per the partnership, Energy will combine its WattUp technology with the lithium-ion rechargeable battery produced by NGK. The maintenance-free IoT gadgets they will produce include tracking devices and sensors to support the IoT sector.

Cesar Johnston, Energous CEO, noted that the IoT sector is expanding rapidly. However, these IoT devices need constant power to keep working. 

Johnston added that the latest partnership would allow Energous to create robust solutions for IoT gadgets. This will provide over-the-air power for asset trackers, sensors, and more.

Meanwhile, NGK, the Japan-based firm, manufactured EnerCera, a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. The battery’s energy storage compartment is very thin. Besides, it combines the merits of lithium-ion batteries and capacitors.

Also, this collaboration will integrate NGK’s battery cells with Energous’s popular RF-based WattUp tech. This will help to provide dependable electricity over the air to recharge batteries. In addition, it will sustain maintenance-free IoT apps that do not need replacing batteries or the use of complicated power cables.

Iwao Ohwada, NGK’s VP for Global Business Creation, said the company’s battery has numerous unique qualities. Also, companies can employ them across a wide variety of apps, including IoT gadgets like asset tags and trackers and IoT sensors which are continually rising in number. 

The EnerCera Battery

Meanwhile, these batteries all require a source of dependable and regular power. Also, Ohwada said the company is happy to work with Energous, a pioneer in wireless power.

The EnerCera battery comes in two types – EnerCera Coin and EnerCera Pouch. The latter is a bendable and ultra-thin cell with a thickness of 0.45 mm. The EnerCera Coin is the latest surface mount device in the world.

Energous Corporation is at the forefront of the development of wireless energy networks. It stated that this aims to satisfy the ever-increasing power requirements of today’s products and future developments. 

Its WattUp® solution, which has won several awards and is based on RF, delivers near and at-a-distance wireless power. 

This enables flexible gadget designs that do not require burdensome power cords or changeable batteries. Energous creates silicon wireless power transfer solutions and configurable reference models for the growing ecosystem of connected devices used in smart cities, smart homes, and clinical uses.

Further, the firm has received over 200 patents for the WattUp® technology. Also, it holds the first FCC certificate.

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