April 14, 2024

Dubai Unveils New Robotics Initiative To Boost Productivity

Sheikh Hamdan, Dubai’s Crown Prince, has unveiled a new robotics program for the emirate city. This program will provide over 200,000 robots in the next ten years.

Dubai’s New Initiative To Develop Its Automation And Robotics Sector 

On Wednesday, the Crown Prince of Dubai announced a new initiative in the city. The initiative aims to develop the city’s automation and robotics sector. 

According to Sheikh Hamdan, the project’s goal is to make Dubai one of the ten international cities for automation and robotics technology. Additionally, the initiative would lead to the launch of over 200,000 robots in the next ten years.

Consequently, this will boost productivity and efficiency across all sectors of the city. The Prince, also the Head of Dubai Future Foundation’s Board of Trustees, said this program would increase the GDP contributed by the automation sector to about 9%.

Additionally, he stated that it would inspire national talents, invent solutions, goods, and services, and create a supportive legislative and political structure. The Prince emphasized that Dubai has talented personnel and excellent infrastructure.

These resources will provide the city-state with significant competitive advantages in this rapidly rising global business. Meanwhile, the city will advance research and development in five major areas: manufacturing and production, tourism and consumer services, logistics, connected mobility, and healthcare. 

Furthermore, this development will help to diversify the emirate’s future economy. It would also create a knowledge base that will help to open new economic opportunities while improving life quality. 

Sheikh Hamdan Calls For Collaboration Between Public And Private Firms

Sheikh Hamdan instructed the deployment of labs to develop technologies. These Labs will also support appropriate research, developments, experimentation, testing, and integration activities.

In addition, it will provide a supporting platform for joint projects, build prototypes, and include the public in unique product experiences. 

He emphasized how important it is to provide emerging firms and local talents with cutting-edge tools and capabilities. This would allow them to foster development in the emirates. 

Also, Sheikh Hamdan called for agencies to provide programs and training by partnering with private and public companies.

The Prince asked the private sector and government entities to collaborate with international and local research institutions. The aim is to develop a legal and regulatory environment to enhance Dubai’s research and development. 

Also, they should create a knowledge base for advanced technologies, technical specifications, and standards. Meanwhile, the Dubai Council for Robotics and Automation will oversee all initiatives launched under the program. 

The Council includes representatives from academia, private and public sectors. Furthermore, this initiative will help Dubai to improve future industries such as AI, space, healthcare, transportation, education, and more.

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