April 14, 2024

CEVA’s 5G NR-V2X Modems to Enable Autotalks to Deploy Advanced Vehicle-to-Everything Technology for Enhanced Road Safety

The Collaboration

According to CEVA, a company known as Autotalks has deployed CEVA’s new communications processor in its Vehicle-to-Everything technology. CEVA-XC4500 is a communication processor developed by CEVA.

It is a highly integrated, low-power solution for various applications, including wireless communication, audio, and imaging. The company has optimized CEVA-XC4500 for applications that require 5G bandwidth communication speeds and low-latency processing, such as in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)

The processor includes various features and peripherals that enable it to support many applications and protocols, including MIPI, Ethernet, USB, and PCI Express interfaces. According to Autotalks, the company believes that CEVA’s communication technology will enhance its current solutions’ capabilities and make it an innovative industry leader.

According to Autotalks representatives, the company will use the CEVA’s XC4500 5G Communication Processor in its new generation of V2X chips, like TEKTON3. The collaboration between Autotalks and CEVA builds on the back of previous collaboration success between the two companies. CEVA emphasizes that the CEVA-XC4500 processor meets all the requirements of all V2X systems in the market and fully supports 5G NR-V2X modems.

5G NR-V2X Modems and the Future of Automotive

5G NR-V2X (5G New Radio – Vehicle-to-Everything) modems are designed to support 5G wireless communication technology. 5G is the latest generation of mobile network technology characterized by high speeds, low latency, and improved capacity.

NR-V2X is a 5G technology variant that manufacturers use in V2X (vehicle-to-everything) communication. This technology enables vehicles to communicate with each other and with infrastructure, such as traffic lights, pedestrians, and other road users.

NR-V2X modems enable vehicles to exchange information in real-time using 5G wireless technology, providing drivers with greater awareness of their surroundings and enabling them to make more informed decisions.

According to ABI data, a market intelligence company, more than 60 million cars will have V2X technology by 2030, with a growth rate of more than 50% this year. Autotalks says that a major Original Equipment Manufacture(OEM) has selected two of its third-gen chips, TEKTON3 and SECTON3, for the massive production of passenger cars.

The company says that both Autotalks and CEVA are committed to road safety and that the collaboration will only be another stepping stone to future endeavors. The company says that the chips will debut in 2026 and will have heavy potential for future growth and that the company will ensure that the chips are ready to go with all vehicles globally.

Guy Keshet from CEVA believes that Autotalks is always pushing the limits of technology to find better solutions for V2X chips. Guy says that, due to their influence in the market, he believes that, Autotalks’chips will create a bright future for automobiles by focusing on auto-auto communication.

About CEVA

CEVA is a company that provides digital signal processing (DSP) technology and intellectual property (IP) for the semiconductor industry. It offers a range of DSP cores and IPs for various applications, including wireless communication, audio, and imaging.

CEVA’s DSPs are used in a wide range of products, such as smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, as well as in various other consumer and industrial products. In addition, the company’s IP portfolio also includes a range of wireless connectivity, audio, and image and vision processing solutions, among others.

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