September 24, 2023

BTC-Trends Review – A Trading Platform That Can Be Trusted

BTC Trends Review

BTC-Trends logoBTC-Trends is a top-notch platform with all the functionality a trader could possibly need. If you want to trade cryptocurrencies, make sure you join up with a broker that offers excellent trading conditions and covers a wide range of assets. BTC Trends is a Bitcoin trading firm that I suggest to anyone who asks for my opinion. Its features are all geared toward providing a superior trading experience. So, in this BTC Trends review, we’ll examine some of the firm’s best features.

When you become a trader, what do you hope to accomplish? Would you like to make a lot of money quickly? Do you wish to minimize the risk and hazard associated with trading? Interested in becoming a successful trader with millions of dollars in accounts? Millions of people begin trading with various aspirations, interests, passions, and motivations. Although it may be difficult to believe, not many of them produce the amount of cash they believe they are capable of. But, perhaps most significantly, not every one of them is fortunate in their trading attempts. Who may be to blame for this?

Some of them may believe that trading doesn’t really make any sense to them. Others may disagree. Some of them may attribute their inability to deal successfully to their bad luck or misfortune.

However, the fact is that in the vast majority of cases, these rookie traders make the first mistake. Once you have made your initial step in the wrong direction, there isn’t much you can do to turn things around. Now, the most crucial question you must ask yourself is, “What was the mistake that you made?” The incorrect step is your selection of the incorrect trading platform. If you believe that you are not achieving your maximum capabilities as a trader, it is possible that the online platform you have chosen is to blame for this.

I want to share information regarding an online trading platform that will give you abundant opportunities to build a successful trading career. BTC-Trends is the brokerage that I’m referring to right now, and I believe that as you learn more about the organization and its features and products, you will grow to appreciate it even more. So, without any delay, allow me to share with you all that I appreciate about this brokerage firm, and which I hope you will find admirable as well.

BTC-Trends website

Trade In The Way You Want

what are your possibilities for trading in a specific way? Here’s something you need to be aware of. When I first began trading, all I had was a laptop computer. To be honest, all I wanted to do was a trade on the go using my laptop. I used to complain to my pals about how small the trading platform’s screen was and how I wished it were larger. However, as time passed, things began to shift. I became increasingly reliant on my smartphone once I began using it for more things. I needed a way to trade while on the go, such as during my lunch break at work.

I still could use laptop for tradin in my lunch break hours, but it would be inconvenient. To avoid bringing my laptop to work, I decided not to bring my personal one. Imagine lugging around two laptops every single day. That’s when I discovered how important mobile trading was to me, so I started using my phone to trade. Thanks to BTC-Trends, I didn’t actually make any alterations at all. I could trade on the same trading system without any difficulty as soon as I picked up my phone.

BTC-Trends’ trading platform can be accessed from anywhere in the world; all you need is an internet connection. It means that to trade, you must first visit the company’s website. As a result, I didn’t have to download and install anything onto my smartphone or computer, which was convenient. I did not have to change my cellphone because of any incompatibility difficulties added to the whole situation.

The BTC-Trends web-based platform is compatible with virtually any operating system currently available on the market anywhere in the world. As a result, I have already been trading successfully ever since, and I am confident that you will enjoy trading in this manner as well.

Regardless of whether you are commuting by train, taking a lunch break at work, or simply lying in your bed, the web-based aspect of the trading platform allows you to access and use it in any manner that suits your needs.

Types Of Accounts To Use

I’ve observed a lot of internet businesses offering their customers cookie-cutter solutions for their trading needs. When you take a look at the trading account kinds they have to offer, you can see that they were not created with much care put into them. They are only there to provide you with a few options. You are free to choose the one that appeals to you, but do you truly believe that the one you have chosen will be perfect for you? That is the issue that many traders face when they choose from a limited number of pre-made and stupid account kinds.

Account kinds established by BTC-Trends, in my opinion, are some of the best in the industry in a variety of aspects. First and foremost, you can choose the trading account that best suits your requirements depending on your needs or the services you desire to offer as a trader.

In my opinion, the second trading account on the list is the best choice if you want to use a large number of amenities without spending loads of money. It is a bronze account, and to open it, you must deposit a total of no more than 25,000 units of the base currency.

Nevertheless, once you have chosen the bronze account, you will be able to benefit from daily market analyses as well as a personal account manager. I’m telling you this since, based on my observations, most internet platforms do not provide you with this option for free. A personal account manager is only available if you sign up for most brokers’ premium accounts; with BTC-Trends, this is not the case.

After creating your trading account, you will be able to engage in seminars and webinars, which will further enhance your learning experience. In other words, you will also have the chance to learn from some of the finest in the business! They will educate you on the fundamentals of trading and a variety of other topics. They will discuss the most recent market trends so that you can stay ahead of everyone and trade in the manner that is most profitable for you at all times.

BTC-Trends account types

Large Leverages With Narrow Spreads

Before even beginning to trade, you must get familiar with this notion and its implications. I’m providing you with this information so that, even if you don’t join up with BTC-Trends and instead choose another brokerage, you can still make the best decision for you.

There are a large number of traders all around the world that do not consider this particular issue when they register with a company. Consequently, when you first begin online trading, there are two things that you will need to pay particular attention to.

Instead of commissions, spreads are like the fees you must pay to the firm you have chosen to trade with. This fee is being paid to you since you are using the services provided by the internet company. This commission must be paid each and every time you make a trade. Some companies charge an extra fee on top of the spreads.

The difference in price that you will have to suffer when you sell to or buy a financial product from your broker is the actual definition of spread. You’ll notice a minor price differential between that asset’s market price and the one you’re being offered. This minor distinction is where the brokerage with whom you have registered makes money.

You need to realize that if the difference is significant, you will lose a significant amount of funds on every trade, while your firm will make an excessive amount of money. Because of this, the corporation that provides you with trading platforms has gained an unfair edge.

Furthermore, the leverage you receive from the brokerage firm is similar to that of a contribution. This contribution is made for each dollar you are willing to put into a trade. Some businesses have leverage of 1:10, while others have a leverage of 1:100. If the leverage is 1:100, that indicates that for every 1 unit you invest, the corporation will pay 100 units of your base currency.

With BTC Trends, you will get leverages up to 1:400. When you crunch the numbers, that’s a lot of money. BTC-Trends’ spreads are extremely modest and tight. Compared to other online trading companies I’ve dealt with, this one stands out for its uniqueness.

Ensure Confidentiality Of Your Information

When you share information on the internet, what happens to that information? The problem is that anything may occur to the data you supply to a website on the internet, including your identity being stolen. You should have heard about recent problems that individuals have been experiencing with many websites that do not have stringent security and privacy policies.

Nowadays, many people have become acutely aware of the significance of their personal information and its ramifications if such information falls into the wrong hands. Therefore, it is unwise to take the chance of joining up with a firm that doesn’t have any processes to safeguard your personal information.

BTC-Trends deserves praise for its efforts in this regard. It has implemented all of the industry-standard safeguards to protect your personal information. If you visit the website, you’ll see that it gets encrypted as soon as a user enttter their information.

To keep your data private, you can use encryption to turn it into codes that no one else can decipher. That is not all; you may also log in to your trading account with some degree of security. A password isn’t enough when you join BTC-Trends and begin trading with this team.

They are concerned about your security, which is why they have implemented two-factor authentication. It implies that every time you submit your information, you are registering into a secure system of sorts. You may feel certain that, even though you will be required to supply some personal information on the server because you are registering with a company, it will keep the information secure and in good condition.

Adherence With KYC And AML Requirements

If you are a new to trading, you should be aware that you will be required to disclose your details when you register with any internet company. Most significantly, you will be required to provide photographic evidence of your personal and financial information. It is one of the requirements that cause many traders to give up on trading altogether.

It is estimated that millions of people wish to trade but are hesitant to do so because they believe they will be required to submit personal information to their broker. They are concerned about their own safety, in a way. They don’t comprehend that disclosing personal details to the broker work to their advantage in this situation.

Some companies do not require any personal information from you. It means that none of the industry’s safety and security standards is being followed by them. They have the authority to allow anyone to sign up for their trading platform. That is something I’m afraid I have to disagree with.

Consider the implications of this. If someone attempts to use your confidential info, which they have obtained from a system through hacking. How will the brokerage that you have subscribed with be able to determine that it is you? It will be very easy for the attacker to steal your details and use them in any illicit activity.

When you register with BTC-Trends, you will be required to provide your personal details, which may include your id number, a photograph of your identity card, copies of your utility bills, a photograph of bank statement, and photographs of credit and debit cards, as well as the numbers from the back and front of your cards, among other things.

When a company requests this information from you, you may rest assured that the organization complies with KYC and AML standards. Yes, BTC-Trends adheres to their regulations and guarantees that only you provide your personal information when signing up for an account. Furthermore, It has also built a block for money launderers who attempt to register with the company using fictitious and forged financial information.

 Customer Service Is Available Around The Clock

I don’t think you need to look at anything else when you have an internet platform that provides you with round-the-clock customer service. It is a feature that only top-tier companies offer. Most companies that provide 24-hour service have been in business for a long time, as I can attest from personal experience. After all these years, they now have the means and motivation to make their customer service department available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. On the other hand, BTC-Trends is a relatively new online trading platform; still, it has highly responsive customer care services.

Customer service is available at all times. It means you won’t have to worry if your trading platform goes down in the night because someone will always be there to assist you over the phone. Yes, I must inform you that you really can contact the organization and receive assistance over the phone with any troubles you may be experiencing as a trader.

You can send an email and receive a response in as little as 24 hours. The nicest part is that the BTC Trends website has a callback feature. Most of the brokers have a live chat, but I believe the callback feature is superior.

Although you can use the live chat tool, you would still have to wait for a long time to submit a question. You may be conversing with a bot at times without realizing it. On the other hand, the callback feature assures that you are reached by a representative from the organization who will offer you all of the assistance you require. Because of this incredible feature, you will not even be required to use any credit on your phone to contact the customer service department. Isn’t that anything to be admired about working with an online broker?

Final Remarks

Since I began trading, I have encountered a wide variety of traders, and based on what I have learned from them, I can say that they all desire certain characteristics from their brokerage firms. The most important factor is safety, followed by an excellent trading experience and a large selection of assets.

I believe that BTC-Trends covers all of those bases very well, thanks to its extensive asset list, flexible trading conditions, large leverages, and an online trading platform that can be accessed from any device in any part of the world, among other features.

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