September 24, 2023

Bitcoin New Hash Rate Uptrend

Bitcoin network foundations look stronger than ever against attacks on mining operations.

Last week’s hash rate of Bitcoin (BTC) was at an all-time high but there was a difference of opinions regarding the BTC uptrend could continue.

The Investor’s Podcast host Preston Pysh in the Twitter debate of March 21observed behavior change in BTC hash rate showing the signs of a new coming hash rate lull.

According to MiningPoolStats monitoring, resources estimates bitcoin has solved significant odds in the last year to get the processing power for mining hash rate this month reaching 222 exahashes per second (EH/s).

China first started a massive miners exit, then this year in Kazakhstan crackdown on miner hubs raised serious concerns regarding miner operation.

However, both instances were fully recovered, strengthening the belief that until there is one friendly miner’s domain, mining will recover stronger than ever before.

For the miner’s health assessment two simple moving averages (SMAs) are used by hash ribbons for concluding the minimum price based on health.

To produce each BTC miners have a breakeven price and when market price becomes less than that price it lacks profitability and the danger of capitulation or ceasing of operations begins. It has a ripple effect of price-performance reduction and BTC mining difficulty is required to reduce the production cost of miners all at once.

CEO of asset manager Capriole Charles Edwards creator of metric in his blog post in 2019 explained that a simple 1 and 2 months BTC hash rate average could be used to spot the market bottom, mining capitulation, and best times to buy the Bitcoin (BTC). When hash rate SMA of 1-month crossover the hash rate SMA of 2 month, the worse mining capitulation is generally over and the recovery starts.

Kazakhstan events could have set off capitulation incident, which however has already been removed in terms of growth of the hash rate.

It is not only hash rate, network difficulty is also having a lucky streak that seems to continue the whole month after concise consolidation.

 As per the basic and most important indicators of Bitcoin, the difficulty is going to increase by 4.66% estimated at the next auto readjustment in the coming 8 days.

The previous two negative readjustments only mean that the forthcoming increase will raise the difficulty to new highs of around 28.73 trillion.

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